TLJDFL: Chapter-12 Meat Buns (Part-3)


The baby became energetic after eating the rice-paste.

When Li Jin hugged the baby, maybe the baby still remembered him and he didn’t reject him.

The baby even spread his small hands to hold Li Jin’s neck and rubbed his stained face on Li Jin’s chest.

Li Jin was not annoyed by the rice-paste stain on his clothes. He hugged the child and walked back and forth inside the room.

The baby was grinning happily while being held high by Li Jin. 

Li Jin looked at Qin Mu Wen and said, “The meat buns are on the cabinet. Eat them while it’s still hot.”

The baby seemed very possessive when he saw his dad was eating and not caring about him or giving him a bite, he started crying.

So Li Jin turned his back so the teenager could eat without any worry.

When Qin Mu Wen saw the oil paper bag present on the cabinet, he became stunned. He suddenly felt sour in her heart.

He remembered, there was a shop selling steamed buns in the town. The price was a penny for a meat bun.

When went to the town to sell the sewn purse and handkerchief for ten cents, he would see the shop selling buns. 

The nice aroma of the meat buns would linger around the street, making him hungry but he never tasted it once.

Many times, Qin Mu Wen dreamed of eating it. But spending a penny for purchasing the meat bun was too exorbitant for him. 

But today, his husband had brought him two warm meat buns.

Qin Wu Wen tried hard to keep his tears at bay, and he didn’t dare to face Li Jin.

Qin Mu Wen slowly ate one meat bun by taking small bites and left the other one for the Li Jin to eat.

Even when Li Jin told him that he had already eaten steamed buns in the town, Mu Wen refused to listen to him.

Qin Mu Wen had shown a rare stubbornness and said, “I have already eaten one meat bun, this is for you.”

Qin Mu Wen took the baby from Li Jin’s arm, and Li Jin had to eat the meat bun as instructed.

After finishing the meat-bun in a few bites, Li Jin looked at Mu Wen and said, “Let’s think of a nickname for the baby.”

In the morning, Li Zhuzi had told Li Jin that a newborn baby shouldn’t be named before the full moon otherwise it would cause harm to the baby.

And to remedy it, the nickname to be picked for the baby should be a bad one.

According to the village custom, picking a bad nickname for a newborn baby was a must. They believe that it will protect the baby’s soul. 

This was Qin Mu Wen’s first child and he didn’t know about this custom.

Li Jin thought of picking a decent nickname for the baby first and then to find a promising name later.

Li Jin said, “Picking a bad name…I have no experience in this.”

Suddenly Qin Mu Wen got scared that Li Jin would pick something like ‘Small Dog’ or ‘Young Bastard’.

After thinking for a while, Li Jin said, “This child looks like a tiger, why don’t we try calling him a tiger?”

Qin Mu Wen didn’t know what to say to Li Jin. This child was a ger, how could Li Jin thought of naming the child – Tiger.

Who would marry a ger named Tiger?! 

Tiger was known for its fierceness, hearing this name anyone could only remember the fierceness of a tiger. 

Qin Mu Wen couldn’t agree with this name.

Even though Li Jin was behaving well these days, still he was somewhat scared, so in a small voice he said, “I’s not good.”

Li Jin thought for a while and said, “Yes. A name like Tiger is too offensive. Our child is a ger, so I think calling him Bun will be better.”

Li Jin looked at Mu Wen and asked, “Do you like it?!”

Qin Mu Wen liked this name, and thinking about the fragrant soft meat bun he just ate, he found this name was very cute.

Looking at the smiling face of the teenager, Li Jin decided to name the child – Bun.

Li Jin was about to bring the caramel and candied fruits from the kitchen when he found a basket was present near the boy full of clothes and threads.

Qin Mu Wen was baffled when he saw Li Jin had found out. 

Before leaving in the morning, Li Jin had told him to rest well. But, he was getting bored so started sewing some clothes.

Would Li Jin be angry with this?!


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Little Bun, so cute!

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Thank you for the update ❤️ Nice to formally meet you little Bun ( ◜‿◝ )♡

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