TLJDFL: Chapter-12 Meat Buns (Part-2)


Li Jin inquired, and said, “What are the prices of these seeds?”

The man said, “The prices depend on the number of seeds you want to buy. Right now the farmers are mainly busing in harvesting the wheat crop, so I can sell you these seeds at a cheap price.”

The man continued and said, “One pack of seeds will cost four pennies, two packs of will cost seven pennies. If you will purchase four packs of the seeds, I will give you a discount and you only have to pay thirteen pennies for it.”

After thinking for a moment, Li Jin picked the seeds of garlic, cabbage, radish, and cucumber. 

Those seeds were easy to manage and cultivate. And these vegetables were common and could be easily cooked.

And most importantly those seeds didn’t take long to grow. His family could eat those vegetables in just a few months.

After paying for the seeds, Li Jin recalled the happy expression of the teenager when he ate sugar last night, so he asked, “Do you sell sugar?”

The man replied, “I have sugar-syrup, sugar-crystal, and sweet-candied fruits.”

Last night, Li Jin had given sugar-crystal to the teenager.

The shop-owner asked, “Mr., for whom are you buying the sweets? It’s very costly, one pack of candied fruits is worth equal to six packets of vegetable-seeds. You should discuss it with your parents before buying it.”

Li Jin replied, “Don’t worry, just give me a pack of candied fruits and a packet of caramel.” 

Without speaking much, the shop-owner gave Li Jin two packets of sugar and also added a small packet of dried fruits as a reward for the bulk purchase Li Jin had made.

Li Jin had to pay thirteen pennies for seeds and forty pennies for the sugars. In total, he paid ninety-six pennies.

After purchasing seeds and sugar, Li Jin put away the things in the bamboo basket and went to the butcher’s shop. He went to purchase a catty of pork meat and pig’s feet. 

To purchase meat like beef and mutton, the buyer had to make an appointment, the butcher in the market rarely had that kind of meat.

Li Jin had to pay additional twenty-seven pennies on it.

After purchasing the meat and putting it into the basket, Li Jin went back to the middle-aged lady who was selling the steamed buns.

The lady recognized him, and said, “Young man, you should try our stuffed meat buns now.”

Li Jin nodded and purchased two meat buns, but this time after purchasing the meat buns he didn’t eat and nor did he put them in the bamboo basket. 

Li Jin held the buns in his hands and started walking towards the village. The weather was hot now, so those buns would remain hot if he held them in his hands.

Li Jin returned around eleven o’clock. 

After Li Jin left, Qin Mu Wen couldn’t help but sit up and get out of the bed with the help of the walls and open the door slightly, so he could easily watch the door.

Qin Mu Wen was continuously staring outside the room and waiting for Li Jin’s arrival. He was feeling very shy waiting for Li Jin.

Listening to people’s steps coming and going across the road, he had unexpected anticipation in his heart.

But slowly as the time passed, the anticipation changed into vain disappointment in his heart. His heart was feeling empty after waiting all morning for Li Jin’s.

When the baby woke up, Qin Mu Wen had to stop staring at the door and feed the baby rice-water paste prepared by Li Jin.

When Li Jin returned home, he put away the things he brought in the kitchen and then went inside the room.

Only when the door was opened by Li Jin, then only Qin Mu When found Li Jin was back.

Qin Mu Wen subconsciously said, “A’Jin, you came back!”

Li Jin said, “Yes, I am back.”

Li Jin was holding the warm meat bun in his hand. For the meat bun to remain warm, Li Jin had walked the three hours journey in two hours. 

Because Li Jin’s body was not healthy, he had to stop and take rest in between the journey otherwise he would be faster than Li Zhuzi’s ox-cart.

Li Jin placed the bun on the cabinet and took the baby from the teenager’s arms and inquired, “How is the baby? Did he trouble you?”

Qin Mu Wen looked lovingly at the child and said, “The baby behaved very well, it didn’t cause any trouble. He was sleeping all this while, he had just woke up.”


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Such a sweet little family. I like watching as things get better and better. Thank you for the update!

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