TLJDFL: Chapter-12 Meat Buns (Part-1)


Li Jin had woken up before six and only eaten a bowl of noodles. It was around nine in the morning and he was feeling hungry.

His body was hollow and frail now, and as a young man who was still in a growing phase, he needed to eat more. 

His stomach was empty, he decided to purchase two buns first, to satisfy his hunger.

After walking for a few minutes down the street, he arrived on the main street.

Even though the town was low-leveled the area was flat. This created a good place to build houses, because of this, there were many villages around this town. 

The main street of this town had always been very lively because of those villagers residing around here. They used this market for buying and selling their products.

The steamed bun shop was opened on a very prominent spot on this main street. The buns sold here were looking white and soft.

The lady selling the buns stared at Li Jin’s face, she had a feeling that she had met him before, but at the moment she wasn’t able to recall it.

Still, she smiled and said, “Young man, are you here for steamed buns?”

Li Jin was happy because of the money in his purse, he confidently asked, “Madam, what is the cost of a steamed bun?”

The lady hurriedly replied, “Vegetarian stuffed bun is for one penny and meat stuffed bun is for two pennies.”

The lady was still trying to recall where she had seen this handsome man earlier. 

The lady thought that she would never forget such a scholar-like person, she already had a fourteen-year-old daughter for whom she was still finding a husband. 

Then how could she forget such a fine specimen like him for her son-in-law? She had been searching for a good husband for her daughter. 

Li Jin said, “Pack two vegetarian stuffed buns.”

The lady smiled and inquired, “You should try our meat-stuffed buns. Our specialty minced meat mixed with lotus roots is very popular in the town.”

While listening to the lady’s words Li Jin paused and replied, “Pack some vegetarian buns first.”

Li Jin took a plate and gave it to the lady for placing the vegetarian buns. 

After giving him the buns, the lady shook her head. Even though this man was young and handsome, still he was poor. 

This man couldn’t afford a meat bun, then how would he provide a good life to her daughter.

Although she wanted to marry her child, she still wished to marry her in a better place. She didn’t want a noble family but still someone who didn’t have to worry about food or clothes.

Was there any use of a handsome face? It wasn’t something which could be eaten.

After taking buns, Li Jin paid and strolled around the market while eating the two vegetarian stuffed buns. 

He was very happy with the buns. There was no way of fluffing the flour in this era but still, those buns were made by hand and steamed in a bamboo basket. Those buns were very fragrant and delicious.

The outer layer of the bun was thin and the soup inside was full of delicious vegetables. There were cabbage and tofu stuffed inside it.

After swallowing the two steamed buns, Li Ji walked a few steps and walked to the grocery store present near him.

The spices like red-chili, bay-leaves, black pepper and salt were placed at the door of the shop.

The man sitting in the shopkeeper’s seat was napping while sitting. After hearing the foot-steps he opened his slightly drooping eyes and looked at him.

Li Jin asked, “Boss, what variety of vegetable-seeds do you sell here?”

The man still with sleeping eyes took a bundle of paper bags from the cabinet present somewhere deep inside the shop and placed it near Li Jin.

The man said, “I have very different varieties of seeds. Mainly these are the seeds of the seasonal vegetables like spring onion, garlic, cabbage, and other vegetables. After a while, eggplant seeds will also be available at the store.”

The shopkeeper asked, “Which vegetable-seed do you want to buy?”

Li Jin opened a bag of seeds and checked its quality. The seeds were of good quality and not infected with any disease or eaten by the infected.

The man said, “The seeds we sell are very good. We never sell bad seeds. You should go back and try it, if these seeds produce no vegetables, we will refund.”

Li Jin naturally trusted the shopkeeper’s words, if those words were false, then this shop would be closed sooner or later. 

In the market, the words count. So without any hesitation, he inquired about the price of those seeds.



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