TLJDFL: Chapter-10 Medicine (Part-1)


Li Jin was not very happy with his current figure. The coarse cloth of this place was not much of a problem for him, but this weak looking figure was.

Li Jin always considered muscles as a basic necessity for being a man.

After putting the baby down, Li Jin hurriedly tied down his clothes.

Qin Mu Wen got confused after watching Li Jin’s series of actions.

Earlier when Li Jin was home, he would normally remain with upper bare body.

In earlier times, the toilets were only simple pits. For sake of safety and to avoid stumbling at night, each house had its chamber pot.

So, Li Jin had never worn a shirt in the night.

 Li Jin had no idea of those confused thoughts running around Mu Wen’s mind.

Moreover, he didn’t know this teenager had already seen his wasted figure a long time ago.

After putting on his shirt, Li Jin went out to refresh himself. 

He washed his face with cold water. After that, he used some salt and bark of willow to brush his teeth.

After performing his morning ritual, he went to boil water for the teenager to wash.

The teenager felt flattered after watching Li Jin bringing hot water for him.

After thanking Li Jin, Mu Wen started brushing his teeth.

Hearing the teenager thanking him, Li Jin said, “There is no need to say thank you in the family. We are a family, so you don’t have to thank me.”

Initially, Li Jin believed he would not be able to sleep in this strange world. 

This boy was particularly a stranger to him. 

In reality, he had no relation with this boy. But, somehow when he went to bed, he felt incredibly comfortable.

Maybe he was too tired or the calm face of this youth helped, he was able to sleep well.

After waking up in the middle of the night and trying to coax the newborn and feeding him rice batter, half of the night was spent.

As dawn came, Li Jin decided to think about his future. 

He understood he couldn’t go back to his world. He remembered being hit by a truck. 

Anyone would have long been dead after being hit by that big truck.

He didn’t know he arrived here but he was lucky to have this chance. He would be able to live for several decades in this world if no accident happened.

He did need to know more about this place, and the feudal government of this place.

He was already a person with a family. 

Li Jin did need to behave responsibly. He had no thought of living his life as a bachelor and disregarding the original host’s family. 

In earlier times, divorce was a taboo thing and could hurt women and gers quite seriously.

This kind of thing would harm the teenager. 

Moreover, there was a newborn child now between them.

They would create a warm family of three. Li Jin couldn’t abandon them.

His partner’s appearance was very good with big eyes. The teenager looked like a harmless little animal.

The teenager’s face was satisfying to look at, and could even compete with celebrities in his original world.

Not only the appearance but even his character was very good. 

Li Jin wanted to live with this teenager and he could support his family.

Li Jin worked on thinking about how to make money.

This village was surrounded by mountains, so he could collect wood from the mountain and then sell it in the nearby market.

 But he didn’t have an ox-cart, and with his current physique, he couldn’t carry a bundle of wood on his shoulder and travel by foot.

Yesterday, it took one hour and a half to come back from town and that too by ox-cart.

By walking on foot, it would take him somewhere near three hours to go to town from the village.

Moreover, his current physique would not be able to handle tedious tasks.

Li Jin didn’t have any wood-carving skills, so he couldn’t make any money from it.

There was only one thing he was good at. He should consider Li Zhuzi’s words. 



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2 years ago

»Real men have to have muscles.«
*looks around*
Sry, I barely see any “real” men around. Most of them are skinnier than me lololol
(But yeah, muscles are better xD)

Thx for the update.

11 months ago

Hayss , you guys see skinny men but in our area i always see men with beer belly . Especially my uncle hahahaha

2 years ago

Thank you for the update ❤️