TLJDFL: Chapter-10 Medicine (Part-2)


Li Jin made the rice paste with goat milk for the newborn and covered it with cloth, to keep it warm.

He made the chicken drumsticks with a boiled egg for the teenager to eat after he left.

Li Jin went near Qin Mu Wen, and said, “I am going to the town market with Brother Zhuzi to make some quick cash.”

He added, “I have already made the rice taste for the child. And your breakfast is ready too. I will be back before lunchtime.”

The teenager nodded his head but he was feeling fear of the thought of Li Jin going back to the town. 

After looking into Qin Mu Wen’s eyes, Li Jin knew his thoughts but he had to go to the town to feed the family.

Li Jin asked, “Are you afraid of being alone?”

The youth looked at him, and said, “I am not afraid. Don’t worry, I will take care of the baby.”

As Li Jin was going out, the youth hurriedly shouted, “A’Jin, walk carefully.”

But, he had no confidence to ask Li Jin to ‘return home early’.

Li Jin looked back and said, “I will bring back some sweets for you.”

Li Jin looked at the sun, the time would be around six in the morning.

Li Jin walked to Li Zhuzi’s house. 

Li Zhuzi had already eaten his breakfast and was loading the ox-cart.

When he saw Li Jin walking towards him, he asked, “You are up so early today.”

He asked, “Did the newborn child wake you up?”

After cleaning the kitchen, Li Zhuzi’s wife came out.

When her husband told her Li Jin solved his legs problem, she didn’t believe him but when the other women washing clothes at the river retold her, she had to believe it.

She came up with a smile and asked Li Jin, “Is the big fat boy at home good?”

She said in a congratulatory tone, but it was somehow asked in a form of a question. 

Li Jin proudly said, “Yes. The child is ger, but he is very good. I like him.”

Li Zhuzi and his wife were speechless. They carefully looked at Li Jin’s happy face, it wasn’t like he was joking or lying.

The gers were the least favored gender in this world.

Li Zhuzi’s wife dryly said, “Congratulations, for having the first-born. After this, the next delivery would be much easier.”

Li Zhuzi was still in shock, he yet had to recover. 

He had already heard the news of Li Jin’s cooking the chicken soup for his husband but he cooked it after a ger child was born.

Li Zhuzi felt the chicken was somewhat wasted.

Li Jin was already very happy with the teenager and the child, he didn’t want to discuss them with others.

Changing the topic Li Jin asked, “Brother Zhuzi, are you planning to go up to the mountain to collect woods.”

Li Zhuzi replied, “Yes, I am going to take advantage of the early morning to collect more firewoods to sell.”

Already the half of the cart was filled with neatly stacked firewoods which were cut in half. This would be sold at a higher price. 

This half of the cart of firewoods would amount to somewhat about twelve cents.

Li Jin said, “I want to go up to the mountain with you to collect some herbs and try my luck selling them in the town.”  

Li Zhuzi knew Li Jin’s home condition, so he easily agreed with him. But, he didn’t have any faith that Li Jin would be able to collect herbs in the mountain, it was still better than wasting at home.

Li Zhuzi said, “There are wolves in the mountains, so don’t go near the back of the mountain otherwise no one will be able to save you.”

Li Jin smiled and said, “Brother Zhuzi, thank you for letting me come with you.”

While following Li Zhuzi, Li Jin found ‘Skullcap’. The roots of this plant were used for the treatment of respiratory tract infections. 

The plant was in blooming season, the best time to pick it up. After taking out the small shovel, Li Jin carefully tried to pull out the plant from the soil with intact roots.

The roots were the most important part of this plant.

After watching Li Jin carefully picking up the herb, Li Zhuzi thought Li Jin did know medicine otherwise he wouldn’t work so carefully to pick the herb.

Li Zhuzi had seen the attendant sent from the medical store coming to the mountain and picking up the plants carefully as Li Jin.

If not for the careful procedure of picking herbs, maybe many average people would have collected medicinal plants for money. 

Li Jin was surprised by finding so many of the medicinal plants in the vicinity. Even if the many plants were surrounded by weeds, the amount was still good. 

In less than an half of the hour, Li Jin and Li Zhuzi both had picked up the herbs and woods respectively.  

At first, Li Zhuzi’s wife didn’t believe Li Jin when he said that he would pick herbs. But after looking at the piles of unknown grass in Li Jin’s hand, she felt she had looked down into Li Jin.

Li Jin said, “Madam, please send me some thread and a basket.”

Li Jin used the thread to clearly sort and assemble the herbs and place them in the basket neatly.

After thanking Li Zhuzi’s wife, he left with Li Zhuzi on the ox-cart.



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Nice, he is finding his way in this world:)

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Thanks for the update ❤️ He’s going to make everyone have flabbergasted faces ( ╹▽╹ )