SPRH: Chapter-8


Since Father Yun passed away, young master Yun seemed to be dead. He seemed to have lost his tenacity and anger.

Half a year ago, Ya Qing didn’t carefully watch the young master, and somehow Yun Zhi fell into the pool in the courtyard, and after he woke up, he seemed to become a different person.

It was like a dead old tree once again becoming green and alive.

He still remembered that in the two days when the young master first woke up, he seemed to be somewhat insane. 

He seemed to be strange to everything.

When he accidentally met a man with a pregnant belly in the house, his eyes widened in shock and he kept gasping for air as if he had been greatly stimulated.

After that, he huddled in the room for several days before he recovered.

Ya Qing still remembered that when the young master sat cross-legged on the bed, his face was pale, as if he had lost the ability to speak.

He slowly made an arc with his trembling hands on his stomach, and asked, “He…he is sick, right??”

Ya Qing was stunned, “No. He is pregnant with a child. It should be eight months depending on the look.”

“Pregnant? Child??” The trembling voice asked again.

“That’s right, that man is about to give birth to a life.” 

It was just that Yun Zhi had bad health since childhood, so his menstrual period had been postponed till now.

The doctor once said that it was too late for him.

Only during menstruation, the man could have children.

Hearing the answer, Yun Zhi clasped the bedpost with both hands, knocking his white forehead on it.

His phoenix eyes were blushing, his teeth clenched his lower lip, and he resisted crying.

At that time, Ya Qing just felt that the young master seemed to have forgotten something. 

Until the first time, he saw him climbing a tree. The young master was as light as a cat.

The scene startled Ya Qing so much that he almost screamed.

The young master sat on the tree like today, looking into the distance, his eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist.

The young master said he didn’t want to embroider, he wanted to go and see the outside world.

Only then did Ya Qing realize that the young master had really changed. But he didn’t dare to think deeply. 

After all, what the young master used to say the most was, “Why am I born in the Yun family? If I lived in a different place, maybe it would be more comfortable.”

Maybe the young master had changed his way of life.

“Little Master…”

In a low voice, Ya Qing added, “Quickly come down and be careful.”

Yun Zhi put away the hanging leg and squatted on the tree with his legs apart without caring about the image of a man.

“Ya Qing, have you got something?”

“I got it…” Yaqing was afraid that Yun Zhi would be seen like this, so hurriedly said, “Come down quickly.”

Hearing the urgency, Yun Zhi smiled, “Okay.”

This smile seemed like the flowers blooming in the morning, fresh and clean with the cool dew on its petals, making people’s eyes light up.

Seeing him climbing down, Ya Qing’s heart was raised. He was only relieved after he saw his body lightly land on the ground.

“The hem of a man’s clothes can’t be tucked into the belt, it’s indecent.” 

After speaking, Qing trotted out, bent over, and stretched out his hand to tidy up the hem of Yun Zhi’s clothes.

Yun Zhi didn’t care about these small details at all, he directly reached out and took the black box.

Looking at the box, his eyes brightened.

He was finally about to be free.

What’s in the box was nothing else but…his hope.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Born in a family of martial arts, Yun Zhi was a rare martial arts prodigy that had been rare in a century.

However, when he was born, a fortune-teller came to see his life and said that before he turn sixteen, there was a big catastrophe, and as long as he avoided it, his life would be smooth sailing.


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