SPRH: Chapter-7


While stroking his chest, the old man sat down gasping for breath, looking like he was going to get sick at any time, “Yun Family? Have you seen him? What do you like about him??”

Shi Qing didn’t look at the old man at all and pretended to not see his sickness.

Just now, before entering the door, the old man’s powerful voice was full of anger.

Seeing that the old man’s body was so tough, Shi Qing breathed a sigh of relief.

Shi Qing didn’t hesitate and said, “I just like how he can embroider life-like peonies with gentleness, and understanding its goodness.”

Mainly, because he could embroider peonies.

At this time, in the Yun family.

Ya Qing walked into the back room with a black box in his hand, but he didn’t see his young master in the room. 

So, he couldn’t help but open the window and look out.

In the early morning on the pear-blossom tree in the courtyard, the young man who was supposed to be sitting in front of the embroidery frame and embroidering peonies was leisurely sitting on the branch of the tree.

The light blue robe on the young man’s body looked very beautiful. His one leg was half-curved against the tree trunk, and the other slender leg hung down, swaying with the morning breeze.

The wind picked up, and the snow-white pear blossoms danced beside him.

Seeing the scene, Ya Qing stood like a statue in front of the window, and from the side, he could only see the fair skin of the young man, like a cool white glaze. Even the beauty of pear flowers lost three points to him.

Hearing the movement, the man on the tree turned his head to look over there.

The young man’s appearance was clear and handsome, and his temperament was clean and refreshing. 

He didn’t have the depression that he had before feeling sick. Instead, he looks like a white crane that was full of vitality and would fly high at any time.

That person on the tree was not someone else, but Yun Zhi, the young master of the Yun family who embroidered peonies was famous throughout the capital.

Ya Qing stared blankly at the young man on the tree, and the strange feeling in his heart lingered.

Earlier the young master used to look gloomy, and there was no light in his dark eyes. His eyes were like a deep pool of stagnant water, without the slightest waves. 

The young master used to sit in front of the embroidery frame and embroidery peony repeatedly. Every day from morning to night, even when his fingers were injured by the needles. 

The color of the peonies he embroidered was exceptionally bright and vivid but his life was without any colors. 

The young master was a rare embroidery genius in the Yun family. Ya Qing felt that it was because of the blood and sweat of the little master.

The clothes of the Yun family were famous for their fabrics and embroidery, especially for the lifelike embroidery.

A few decades ago, no one knew that the Yun family, who became famous for their embroidery, would slowly be forgotten by everyone.

It was just that the wealthy juniors refused to endure the hardships in these years, and the talents of the Yun family embroidery gradually withered.

And the embroidery workers’ skills became worse from one generation to the next.

After a long time, the excellent embroidery workers of the Yun family were forgotten.

Years later, the side branch of Yun’s family who had nothing to do with the main family, brought back the long-lost embroidery.

He was the genius who had “returned to his ancestors”.

His embroidery skills were excellent, especially the embroidered peony, which was really “national beauty with heavenly fragrance”.

Three years ago, in the “Flower Blossom” season, he became famous in the capital.

However, genius people always had some tragic life experiences. 

For example, Yun Zhi desperately embroidered peonies just to make money to treat his father.

His father was the small servant of the Yun family side branch, and he was bought from the street for two tales of silver. His status was very low in the family.

When his father was young, because of his beauty, he was able to win the heart of the master. But after giving birth, he was quickly forgotten by the master.

His mother did not come to visit his father, even when he was sick.

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From the age of six, Yun Zhi started embroidering. And at the age of sixteen this year, he still failed to keep his father alive.


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