SPRH: Chapter-6


In the past, Shi Qing used to be afraid of many things but this time she wanted to cherish this opportunity to live well. Not to live by rules and make her short life unhappy.

Shi Qing walked from the middle of the room to the side, slowly pulled up a wooden chair, and sat down.

She hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. Seeing the dim sum on the old man’s table, she was suddenly hungry. 

Shi Qing pointed to the plate, and said, “Jin Zhan, bring me that plate of dim sum.”


Hearing the command, Jin Zhan was stunned and motionless.

Did Shi Qing not know whose yard was this? Did she dare to call her to serve?!

Old Xu tightly held the handkerchief, a fake smile piled up on his wrinkled face, he softly said with a needle hidden in the cotton, “The little master can easily command the people in the old man’s courtyard.”

This meant that he totally ignored the old man and played the attitude of the master here.

Shi Qing adjusted to a comfortable position and sat slightly crooked on the chair.

She raised her eyes to calmly look at Old Xu and said, “Then don’t be idle, and go bring me a cup of hot tea.”

 Was she really here to respect others?? How old were these people and they still couldn’t see the truth from her attitude?


In the mansion, no one had dared to call him except the old man, and when Old Xu heard Shi Qing ask him to pour a cup of tea, he was almost annoyed.

“Have you created enough trouble?” The old man made a dull “dong dong” sound with his cane and said, “Look at what you are doing, sitting and speaking without looking at your elders!”

“You have no education!!”

When Shi Qing was being educated, his response was still lazy and casual.

“Since you said I am uneducated…” Shi Qing took a deep breath and stood up, she directly walked in front of Jin Zhan.

Seeing Jin Zhan’s provocative gaze, she raised her left hand and neatly slapped Jin Zhan’s again. But this time the slap was on the right side of the cheek.

Slap-print on the left and right cheek looked especially well-proportioned.

After slapping, Shi Qing shook her numb hand, and said, “Then I am going to be uneducated to show you.”

In this society, beating a servant in front of the master was called being uneducated.

Seeing the behavior, the old man was so shocked that he couldn’t speak for a while, and even Jin Zhan did not respond.

She thought that relying on the old man, Shi Qing would surely be punished today, but who knew that Shi Qing slapped her again and that too in front of the old man?

The crisp sound of the slap directly stunned everyone.

Shi Qing said, “Grandpa, didn’t you ask me earlier why I hit Jin Zhan? That’s the reason.”

Shi Qing sneered, her eyes slowly moved from Jin Zhan’s face to Old Xu, and stopped.

“My Shi family’s direct daughter, Shi Qing, can’t use two servants in my own house. Is this family surnamed Shi or Jin??” 

Shi Qing looked at her red palm, and asked, “She is not obedient even after I beat her up. And I am still getting accused by the servant of the Shi family?” 

The last sentence was addressed to Old Xu.

People in the mansion respectfully call you “Uncle Xu” because we were all well-mannered. 

But you relied on the respect of others and behaved shamelessly without recognizing your own identity.

“As long as I have the surname Shi, in this family, I am the master and the others…” 

Shi Qing put down her hands and looked at Old Xu and Jin Zhan, her voice was slow and her words were clear, “Can only be a servant.”

“Don’t say it, she was wrong today, but even if she was right, I can still punish her at my will.”

Shi Qing blocked everyone’s mouth with just one sentence.

Old Xu wanted to rely on the old man and sell the fake to cry but now he didn’t dare to cry, he just glanced at the old man from the corner of his eye.

“You are good, right? You can’t afford to lose prestige, right??” 

The old man stood up angrily and pointed at Shi Qing with shaking hands, and angrily said, “Then don’t get divorced, and don’t let the Shi family become a big joke in front of the whole capital!”

The point was finally here.

“Isn’t it just a divorce? It’s not a big deal.” 

Shi Qing took the dim sum and sat back again, and said, “It’s hard to find a three-legged toad, but not a two-legged husband.”

“There is no big deal, just find another one. As long as I quickly get married, the jokes will not catch up with me.” 

Shi Qing slowly bit the dim sum  and said, “I think that…”

She forgot the name and turned to ask Mihe, and asked, “What’s the name of the person who embroidered the peony? “

She only remembered that the other party’s peony embroidery was good.

Hearing it, Mihe’s eyelids twitched, and she quickly bent over to remind in a low voice, “Yun Zhi.”

Shi Qing nodded and said, “Yes, I think Yun Zhi is pretty good…I like him very much, so let’s marry him.”


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