SPRH: Chapter-5


This time, Uncle Chen, who was about the same age as the old man, was stunned when he heard this.

He looked suspiciously at Shi Qing. With his head held high, he winked at the few servants beside him to follow behind Shi Qing and her servant, lest she ran away.

Usually, when Shi Qing went to the old man’s place, she would be as well-behaved as a quail. 

But today, she had suddenly turned into a big white goose.

Originally, when they heard that she had beaten Jin Zhan, they thought it was impossible. 

After all, the little master was known for her good temper in the house. Now it seemed that there was such a thing.

Shi Qing followed Uncle Chen into the old man’s inner courtyard.

As she walked in she heard angry voices coming from inside.

“Has she lost her mind?? It’s a great achievement for her to be angered by the divorce!” 

The old man sat on a large chair while leaning on a smoothly polished red chestnut cane in his hand. 

Although he was already sixty years old, his head was full of silver threads, but his spirit and body looked good. And he was full of energy when he got angry.

The Shi family lost such a big face yesterday, and his anger had yet to subside. 

And today, he heard that Jin Zhan, who he sent to call Shi Qing, was beaten by her!

“Master, don’t be angry. The little master must have beaten her because she did something wrong. You can’t blame the little master for this.” Lao Xu stood beside the old man with tears in his eyes and tried to persuade him.

He said it nicely, but he didn’t mean to let go.

Jin Zhan stood next to her, with a slap print on her face, and retorted in a low voice, “I did nothing wrong.” 

The old man looked at her left cheek with a clear fingerprint, and said in a distressed voice, “What kind of servant? In the whole house, who doesn’t know that I will take care of her?”

Jin Zhan’s grandfather, Lao Xu, was the servant of the Shi family when the old man got married, and after that, he left the house and got married.

Later, his wife’s hometown was plagued by famine, and he returned to Shi’s home with his only granddaughter.

He had been serving the old man for so many years, saying that he was a slave, but his style was comparable to that of a master.

Except for the old man, even the three daughters in the house would shout “Uncle Xu” when they saw him.

Jin Zhan had learned from him and regarded herself as the little master of the Shi family, so she didn’t necessarily take anyone seriously.

Today, Shi Qing suddenly slapped her in the face, so she didn’t react at that time. 

But after coming back she started complaining to the old man.

The old man stuck his cane on the ground and pointed to the outer door of the inner yard, “Did she beat you?? She didn’t even care about the old man like me.”

When the old man pointed his finger over, Shi Qing had just crossed the threshold with her right foot. 

Looking up, she met the old man with a gloomy face and the corner of her mouth pressed down.

Shi Qing’s heart skipped a beat, he saluted with her eyes closed, and politely shouted, “Grandpa.” 

She was still a little panicked, after all, she was not used to it.

“You still know that I am your grandfather.” The old man said in an eccentric voice, “I thought in your eyes, you were the only master of this house when you passed the exam.”

Shi Qing usually played dumb and stand like a wooden man, wishing others would not see her. 

In the old man’s mind, she wasn’t as good as her second sister, who was born a few days older than her. She wouldn’t come to her and please her.

As long as Shi Qing’s mouth could be the same as her second sister Shi Xi, how could she be divorced by the eldest prince in public??

Now that the whole capital knew about it, where could he hold his old face?

Today, he wanted to call Shi Qing over to teach him a few words. But before he could say anything, she had slapped Jin Zhan that she had sent.

After being admitted as the official, she wasn’t very good at other skills, but her temperament was good.

It must be because of her father’s lack of culture, a layman, who knew nothing but to spoil.

From his point of view, Shi Qing’s father and daughter’s virtues were all incompetent.

The old man put his hands on the crutches, raised his small eyelids and stared at Shi Qing who was standing in the middle of the room. 

He didn’t say a word about letting her sit but asked, “Why did you hit Jin Zhan?” 

Everyone inside and outside the yard pricked up their ears, and even Lao Xu stopped his fake crying.

Hearing the question, Shi Qing’s chest became stuffy, and she let out a sigh of relief. 

She raised her eyes and looked at the old man and slowly said, “Do I need a reason to beat her??”

Such an elder, did she have to respect him?!



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