SPRH: Chapter-4


“Let’s go out…” Shi Qing said to Mi He, “It’s time to get that custom-made hairpin for daddy. Tomorrow, for his birthday, I will give it to him in advance.”

Shi Qing’s heart was sad.

It was hard to get such a good daddy who loved her so much. Even though she had no future, Shi Qing wanted to leave something for him.

“Okay.” Mi He happily opened the closet and picked out clothes for Shi Qing, while talking continuously.

“It’s good, you should go out for a walk, and let those who think you have become depressed after you the divorce take a good look at it.”

“My little master, who is the third official appointed by the emperor, can still be without a man??”

For the outing, Shi Qing chose a bright red dress, a color she had never dared to try before, but it was unexpectedly suitable for her.

The bright colors made the panel in front of her dull and transparent, obscuring the urgency of the life bar.

The only downside of the dress was that the embroidery of this dress was mediocre, and the golden flower on the sleeves of the skirt looked like a ball of wool, which was not aesthetically pleasing.

“When the little master wants a good embroidery, she should naturally consider the Yun family. I heard that the young master of the Yun family, Yun Zhi, is good at embroidering peonies.”

Shi Qing didn’t know about these things before, nor was she interested in them. 

Yun Zhi, right??

Shi Qing remembered.

Very good, the peony on the shroud should be handed over to him.

Shi Qing packed up and just stepped out of the courtyard, he met the new people sent by the old man.

Did this mean you have to see him first?

Mi He pouted and whispered to Shi Qing, “Little Master, it looked like Jin Zhan had sued you.”

Shi Qing thought it was more than that.

It was estimated that the main reason was yesterday’s public divorce, which made the old man ashamed.

Her fight with Jin Zhan was just adding fuel to the fire.

Looking at the four people coming from the opposite side, Mi He subconsciously took a step forward to block Shi Qing.

Mi He knew she wouldn’t be able to handle them, but she still pretended to be calm and asked, “Shall we go?”

As if she had the right to choose.

Mi He turned to look at Shi Qing, with a worried expression on her face, and said, “Or, should we wait for the master and the lord to come back from the temple.”

Shi Qing’s father, Mrs. Li, would have his birthday tomorrow. He got up early to visit the temple and offer the incense, he would be able to come back by the afternoon.

 “Go.” Shi Qing sighed.

You could not escape from some people for a lifetime, if not today then she had to meet the old man tomorrow. 

The old man asked Jin Zhan to come here so early in the morning. He must have prepared a lot of words to train her, maybe he didn’t sleep for the whole night waiting for today’s training.

In a surprise, Mi He turned her head to look at Shi Qing thinking she had heard it wrong.

After all, the old man didn’t like the master and the little master.

For a long time, every time Shi Qing and his father saw the old man, they were like a little mouse seeing a big cat.

If the little master really couldn’t escape, she would handle the conflict between the old man and the father when the lord was at home.

And today, the little master was willing to take the initiative to go to the old man to get the scolding!!

With puzzled eyes, Mi He looked up at the sky, did the sun come out from the west??

Before today, Shi Qing really didn’t want to go against the old man. After all, the old man might only live for a few years, so she could bear it. That’s the reason why she avoided the confrontation between them.

But now things are different. Between her and the old man, one couldn’t tell who would be ahead.

Since everyone had the same starting point and died in a few years, Shi Qing felt that she didn’t need to let him win.

Shi Qing lowered her eyes to straighten her long sleeves. 

Shi Qing turned her head and said to Mi He, “While I still have time, I want to tell the old man the truth.”

Mi He wondered, “What is the truth??”

“A Slave is a slave and a granddaughter will always be a granddaughter.”

Shi Qing didn’t let the man sent by the old man speak a word, and directly said, “Lead the way.”


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