SPRH: Chapter-3


Hearing Shi Qing’s strange tone, Jin Zhan was stunned for a moment.

The early morning wind had the coolness of late winter and warmness of early spring, and Shi Qing shivered from the cold.

She turned and walked inside the room.

It might be that Shi Qing had a good temper in the past, Jin Zhan turned her arm across to stop her, and said, “The old man let you come…”

“Clap…” A crisp slap fell on Jin Zhan’s face, interrupting her before she could finish speaking.

Shi Qing’s palm became numb, and her fingers slowly tightened and hung down by her side.

Staring coldly at Jin Zhan, Shi Qing said, “You stop me?” 

After sneering, she added, “You dare to stop me??”

The angry yin and yang asked. After the divorce, a fire was burning in Shi Qing’s chest.

A crisp slap seemed to send out the depression in her heart, Shi Qing felt rare peace.

She was about to die, so now there was no need to hold herself back.

Not to mention Jin Zhan, even if the old man came over, she would not force herself to give a good face.

Could her ending be worse than hanging on the wall for three days and dying of thirst??

Shi Qing directly went into her room, and when she passed Jin Zhan’s body, her shoulder deliberately bumped into Jin Zhen’s arm.

“Next time you come here, show me some respect.” Shi Qing glared at her and coldly said, “Remember…I am the master.”

Just like Jin Zhan, those who didn’t know would have thought that she was the granddaughter of the old man. Relying on her grandfather to serve the old man for many years, she really didn’t take herself as a slave.

Jin Zhan lowered her head, and with flickering eyes, she answered “yes” in a low voice. The arrogant look from earlier had now gone.

When Mi He came back with a thick cloak and shoes, she saw this scene and almost cried out in excitement.

“Why do you just slap her once? Jin Zhan’s dog’s mouth can’t spit out ivory. You should slap her with both hands!!”

Anyway, after going back, she would definitely complain, so it was better to slap her more than once.     

Mi He regretted, why didn’t she do it.

“Quick…quick, come and pour me a cup of hot water.” 

Shi Qing shivered and quickly climbed onto the bed. 

She tightly wrapped her bedclothes around her and sat down cross-legged pouting her lips, “It’s freezing.” 

The palm that slapped Jin Zhan just now had become hot and numb.

Shi Qing rubbed her red palms.

Cool! So cool!

That’s what it felt like to lose your temper!!

Shi Qing had been transmigrated in this book four-five years after the original owner died of illness. 

Shi Qing had been cautious since she came here, for fear that she would look out of tune with this world and be regarded as an alien.

After all, the world she came from didn’t have the technology to make men have children yet, and here, men could have children.

Seeing all the male mothers who were holding their pregnant belly and carrying their cubs, Shi Qing was astounded at first.

Where has Shi Qing ever seen such a world?? After all these years, she had lived so carefully and now she had learned that she had to die soon.

Wasn’t it just hanging on the wall??

Shi Qing slowly held the steaming teacup in both hands, and her eyes were shining brightly.

If she was not having a good time, others shouldn’t think about being comfortable!

“Little…little master.” Mi He suddenly met Shi Qing’s sparkly eyes and gasped in amazement, “You looked like a beautiful fairy when you raised your eyes just now.” 

It was because she had lived too carefully that the pearl was covered with a layer of mud. Shi Qing nodded at Mi He and lowered her eyebrows to hide her original brilliance.

Women in the world generally praise men for their appearance, and describe men as breathtakingly beautiful but who doesn’t like to be praised for being beautiful??

Shi Qing was happy about Mi He’s praise and took a small sip of tea.

Even though she was going to die, she wanted to have a beautiful shroud and lie down in the best coffin before dying.

From now on the one who would be wronged wouldn’t be herself.



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