SPRH: Chapter-2


The moment when Shi Qing was divorced, the plot was instantly activated.

Only then did Shi Qing realize that she was just cannon fodder in the book called “The Concubine’s Counterattack”. 

She was the tool person who promoted the plot and Shen Yu was the white moonlight in the heart of the female protagonist, Chang Shu.

Interestingly, Chang Shu was this year’s champion.

In the book, Shi Qing, the cannon fodder, lost her face because of the divorce, and in later, for the revenge she wanted to rape Shen Yu during the spring outing.

The result was of course unsuccessful.

Shen Yu was rescued by the female protagonist, and the relationship between the two sprouted into a small flame called love, laying the foundation for their future yearning.

Shi Qing’s future was even worse.

Because of this incident, her mother was suspended at home and Shi Qing also lost her fame and title. 

Since then, Shi Qing embarked on the road of blackening and devoted herself to blocking the female protagonist. 

In the end, she was charged with treason by the female protagonist, who had become a high-ranking official, and her body was hung on the wall for seven days and seven nights.

In the book, Shi Qing died of thirst, and Shi Jia’s end was even more tragic.

The remnants of yesterday’s lively celebration were still lying outside, no one had the time to take down the red lanterns hanging in the yard.

The big girl who was supposed to wait for her was now arguing with someone, and every word could be clearly heard by Shi Qing.

“My master didn’t get divorced, he just recognized a godfather. You cut off your ear while cooking yesterday, you didn’t hear what the eldest prince clearly said??”

“If I hear you chewing your tongue again in front of the master later. Be careful, I’ll cut your tongue off with a blunt knife!” 

Mihe couldn’t do anything else, except for being the savage protector. She couldn’t hear others say demeaning things about her master.

Shi Qing’s eyes were empty, her heart was sour, and she suddenly felt aggrieved. Her heart felt heavy like a cotton ball dipped in water and she couldn’t breathe.

In her last life, Shi Qing was an honest person, without any parents. She died within two years of graduation.

After finally getting the chance to live again, Shi Qing cherished it very much.

Over the past few years, she had not only adapted to a society where women were respected but also had to relearn everything.

Now that she had finally passed the third-level imperial test, it was time for her to be happy. But her happiness died before she could celebrate it.

Life just gave her a little sweetness, and as she was about to put it in her mouth, the slap of fate knocked down the sweetness to the ground.

The quarrel outside continued, and the sound was like Jin Zhan, the girl from the old man’s courtyard.

The opponent was good at strange yin and yang talk.

“Because the little master was divorced, the old man didn’t sleep the whole night. But here the little master was sleeping so sweetly and didn’t care about the other people’s faces.”

If it was normal, Shi Qing would endure it and behave like a good child.

But today, she lifted the quilt and strode out of the room. After opening the thick curtain at the door with a “swoosh”, she walked out barefoot looking at Jin Zhan with deep eyes.

Shi Qing’s appearance was six-point like her father, bright and beautiful, and four-point like her mother, a pair of peach blossom eyes with a half-smile in it.

She was the best-looking among the top three scholars over the years.

In the past, Shi Qing’s eyes always had a three-point smile, and she seemed easy to get along with but now her face had cooled down, the smile in her eyes had faded, and her momentum became a bit terrifying.

When Jin Zhan saw Shi Qing’s expression, she shivered in fright, and hurriedly called, “Little master.”

“What’s the noise?” Shi Qing asked.

Mihe saw that Shi Qing came out barefoot and was only covered in a thin middle coat. She didn’t care about anything else, and quickly opened the thick windshield curtain and went inside the room to get the cloak and shoes.

Jin Zhan saluted vainly, and said, “The old man sent me to ask if the little master is awake.”

“Can’t you see if I am awake or not?” Shi Qing raised her eyes and said in a somewhat bad tone, “Even if you can’t see it earlier, then now you can finally see.”

She didn’t have a good life in the past two days, and where would she still think about propriety, righteousness, benevolence, and wisdom??!


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