SPRH: Chapter-10


The noble Shi Qing did live up to Yun Zhi’s expectations. Turning around, she reached out to ask Mihe to bring her purse over.

What she didn’t lack was money.

“Mihe, do you believe in fate??”

Although Shi Qing tried to ignore the transparent panel floating in front of him, it didn’t mean that it wasn’t there if he couldn’t care about it.

Hearing this, Mihe who was squatting beside Shi Qing was also stunned, as if she had never thought about this issue.

Shi Qing looked at the lottery and said, “I believe in fate.”

Then she took out a piece of gold ingot and looked at the “master and apprentice” on the opposite side and said, “Is the card good?”

From the moment the gold ingot was taken out, Yun Zhi’s master and servant’s eyes were all on Shi Qing’s hands.

There were people who had too much money!

No matter how dark Yun Zhi’s painted face was, it couldn’t hide the bright light in his eyes after seeing the gold.

He stared at Shi Qing without hesitation and said, “Precise!”

Shi Qing weighed the gold ingot and smiled, “I like you with confidence.”

Yun Zhi picked up the card, “I will pick one for you.”

Shi Qing folded her hands together and looked at the card in the other’s hand with a pious expression.

And Yun Zhi’s eyes stared straight at the gold ingot in the female’s hand.

He was so short of money.

If he didn’t have the money to escape from the Yun family, his inability to embroider peonies would be revealed sooner or later, and he might be burned to death after these people found out his identity.

In the past two days, the lord of the Yun family, who was wearing blush and lipstick, had given him an ultimatum—

“If you still behave lazily and refuse to embroider, I will marry you off and won’t let you eat free rice at home!”

It was like letting Yun Zhi carve flowers with a sword. Letting him embroider with a needle was very embarrassing for Young Master Yun.

At this moment, Yun Zhi touched his aching conscience, and secretly made up his mind— Just lie for once!

There was a trick to making money in the fortune-telling business, and almost all “experts” in the industry know it.

That was, to never let the other party draw a good sign in the beginning, otherwise who would be willing to spend money to eliminate disasters?

You have to first emphasize that his/her fortune was not good, or that the family would be in trouble, making the other party scared and flustered. 

After hearing that naturally, they would be willing to spend money to solve it.

The richer people were, the more they believed in fate and magic.

Yun Zhi shook the cards.

“Crack.” The sign fell to the ground.

Shi Qing picked it up and looked at it.

[The card says: Dove competes for the magpie’s nest, making the host uncomfortable.]

The sign meant everything was not going well.

Hearing this, Shi Qing was silent.

Looking at the female master’s face, Yun Zhi knew that she had believed him.

He stared at the gold ingot, and before he could say the phrase that “I have a way to solve it”, he saw the other party throw the sign back to him.


Shi Qing was expressionless and refused to accept the result, she said, “No, count again.”     

Hearing this, Yun Zhi frowned, his dark face couldn’t hide the clear surprise. 

He looked blankly at the female master and said, “If you ask for counting a fate, you need to be sincere.”

“I’m too sincere.” 

Shi Qing put the gold back in the purse and exchanged it for a silver ingot.

The other party already withdrew the initial capital and put forward a new request, “Let’s count.”     

Yun Zhi felt hurt seeing the piece of gold flying away and reluctantly shook the cards again.

“Crack.” One card fell off. 

Shi Qing picked it up and looked at it.

[The card says: Don’t rush the boat to the high waves. If you want to be safe and peaceful, wait for the waves to be silent.]

This sign meant that she couldn’t do anything right now, and it was best to be quiet.

Oh, wait quietly to die?!

Shi Qing looked at Yun Zhi, suspecting that he was an undercover agent sent by the heroine.

Seeing the female master’s inquiring eyes, Yun Zhi’s eyelids twitched, and as expected, he heard her say, “Let’s count again.”

If she couldn’t count a sign that satisfies her today, Shi Qing didn’t plan to leave.

She exchanged the whole piece of silver ingot for copper plates.

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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