RCFTAT: Chapter-3 (Part-4)


Xu Zhen felt her eyes hurt, and quickly took out a copy and handed it to Hu Shang.

Xu Zhen said, “It is not easy to do business. Look at this imperial examination book, it will help in next year’s imperial examination.”

After speaking, Xu Zhen turned to leave without leaving her name. 

Suddenly a woman’s voice beside her asked, “The price of the book is not cheap, how can you give it away for free??”

Xu Zhen turned her head to see the speaker. She saw a woman wearing a light green dress and light peach makeup, holding a bag of lotus leaves in her hands, standing beside her.

She seemed to be quite rich.

Xu Zhen honestly said, “Can’t sell.”

The woman asked, “What did you write?”

Xu Zhen nodded, “I wrote it well, maybe it was so good that ordinary candidates can’t understand it.”

The woman smiled and said, “I rarely see being so shameless.”

Xu Zhen used to talk casually and at that moment, she was also a bit embarrassed.

So, she put another book in her hand and said, “We are destined, and this one’s for you.”

The woman did not shy away.

When Xu Zhen saw her receiving it, she turned and waved, carrying the grapes.

A weird person.

The woman in the green dress commented inwardly. She raised her hand to read the book cover and found that “The Imperial Examination Guide” was written on it.

Although she didn’t quite understand what it meant, it had a strange domineering feeling.

Holding a book, she carried a lotus leaf bag and continued to go meet her friends in the restaurant.

While waiting for a friend, she looked at the book.

Who knew this book looked thin and thin, but it contained a lot of content? It includes the content of regular science and system science, including astrology, arithmetic, literature, economics, polity, and so on.

If you look at it in detail, this book does have something different.

Most of the other scholars have written answers to questions that have been asked in previous years, with their own opinions.

This one was different, it had a bunch of questions that may be asked this year, and also had her own insights on those guessed questions.

There were many problems in Confucianism, and the answers were also written in great detail. 

The author should be a Confucian student.

The woman in a green dress looked at the book in detail and the more she read it, the easier it was to see the uniqueness.

Although it was not perfect, it gave her a feeling of acquiring deep knowledge.

Halfway through the book, the door of the small room was pushed open.

A woman in a red robe came in with a wine flask around her waist and fell on the soft chair and asked, “Where is the wine?”

The green-dress girl was so excited that she hadn’t ordered any wine yet.

She first handed the book to her friends and said, “I got a good book today!”

The red robe woman disdained, “What about a good book, can you eat it?? Order some wine quickly.”

The green dress girl said, “It’s really a good book. You are exposed to the imperial examination papers, so you may look at this one.”

Her friend didn’t believe her at all and took the book to read it perfunctorily. After turning a few pages, she saw nothing remarkable.

She was about to make a mockery, but she suddenly saw a certain line of characters, and she suddenly sat up straight. Her eyes widened, and she froze for a moment.

The green dress woman asked, “How?”

Her friends looked up and gave her a complex look.

The green dress woman urged, “Say it?”

Her friend remained silent for a long time, and finally said, “These questions of this year’s test…it seems many of the questions are in it.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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