RCFTAT: Chapter-3 (Part-3)


Clicking on the Mall option, the Mall opened.

The things in the Mall were divided into two rows, a total of eight things. 

Two books in blue, which seem to be martial arts books, and some were medicine bottles, she didn’t know what they were.

The cheapest bottle of medicine required 500 merit points, and the remaining needed seven or eight hundred points. 

The books were more expensive and cost around one thousand points.

Xu Zhen couldn’t afford anything, so closed the page in tears. These two new functions were useless.

Xu Zhen was very disappointed and got up to continue to teach the little girl how to read and write.

But when she thought that she no longer needed to worry about merit, she became better again.

Three-four days later, the summer gradually got hotter.

Xu Zhen made two half-sleeved shirts for herself and the little girl and wore them at home.

During this time, she asked the little girl about her parents but the younger girl said nothing, and just continued chopping wood.

Xu Zhen went to ask the owner of the bookstore and learned that the little girl should be away from her parents and live alone.

Hearing it, Xu Zhen felt distressed. 

She asked the little girl and after getting a positive response, she waited for a vacant day to register the girl under her household, which would cost a lot of money.

At the same time, she found that the money she had made earlier was almost exhausted.

And she didn’t know why recently, she had been very unlucky. She wasn’t able to find a place to work.

In order not to die of hunger, she sat on the side of the road and meditated. 

After half a day, she thought that the books she had sold in the bookstore and had not received the money yet

So Xu Zhen went to the bookstore.

The gate of the bookstore was open, there were only a few people in the afternoon.

When the owner was away, Xu Zhen had to ask the servants about the money.

The servant looked through the books and after verification, he said in an annoyed tone, “No book was sold.”

Xu Zhen didn’t believe it and asked again, “That was the imperial examination textbook, how can it not be sold? People here were not able to see the books?”

The servant said, “They can see! But they didn’t like it! Books of other scholars about the imperial examination experience were all sold out!”

Hearing it, Xu Zhen felt very sad and said, “Give the books back to me. I won’t sell it.”

The servant had long wanted her to take it back, so after she said that.

He immediately entered the house and moved out the books, “Take it and go.”

Xu Zhen bent over and hugged the book, and when she picked it up, she suddenly thought of the trusteeship fee she had paid earlier.

Xu Zhen couldn’t help but ask.

She picked up two books and returned the rest, “Place it still here as usual!”

After speaking, she ran away.

After being stunned for a while, the servant scolded, “Shameless! Too Shameless!!”

Xu Zhen held the two books and walked on the way back. Her heart was cold as ice.

In her previous life, she used to rely on knowledge and teaching to eat. She was a university professor, later she offended some people and had to go to remote places to teach.

She had worked as a high school teacher in the mountain area for five years. 

And after coming here, she first learned that the original owner was illiterate, and now she sold teaching materials, but others didn’t buy them.

Xu Zhen was sad.

She thought of the salary paid by the academy and the tasks distributed by the system. 

Was it true that she had to be cheeky to get a job?

…or be more patient.

The market was noisy, some people came out to set up stalls, putting minced meat on the stand to sell.

Xu Zhen glanced at the meat in the car and realized that she couldn’t afford it so she did not stay there for long.

After taking a few steps forward, she saw Hu merchants selling grapes.

Xu Zhen hadn’t eaten grapes for a long time and felt itchy for a moment. Trotting over, she probed and asked about the cost.

The Hu merchant had a strong accent and could not speak clearly.

Xu Zhen directly took out three dollars and bought a small string.

After purchasing, Xu Zhen thought that the little girl at home was also a Hu, so she asked the Hu merchant, “Which ethnic group are you from?”

Hu Shang paused and said, “Hu Xia.”

Xu Zhen asked, “Isn’t Hu Xia in the north, how do you sell grapes??”

The Hu merchant was in a hurry, so he quickly said something. 

Xu Zhen didn’t understand but nodded. She was about to go home when she suddenly saw two books in her arms and become sad again.


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