RCFTAT: Chapter-3 (Part-2)


To verify that being with the little girl increases her merit points, Xu Zhen went to live one night in an inn.

The next day, the growth of merit points was suspended and even a little deduction was made.

Xu Zhen was happy.

It turned out that merit points could be collected so easily?!

As long as she was with the little girl, she could get merit points!

Xu Zhen was moved to tears, she hurriedly went home.

Holding the little girl’s hand, Xu Zhen enthusiastically said, “Girl, you are my reborn parent! I will surely provide you with good things in the future. Please bless me!”

With an expressionless face, the little girl asked, “Why?”

Xu Zhen happily smiled at her for a while, pulled the little girl back to the house, and said, “Come on! I will teach you how to read.”

A few days ago, the girl mentioned her sword, and Xu Zhen taught the word, “Hong”.

The girl was unskilled in writing traditional Chinese characters, her writing was ugly.

Xu Zhen took a clean towel and wiped the girl’s hand and moved to a wicker chair, letting her sit on her lap while holding her little hand to write stroke by stroke.

The little girl’s hand was very white, but not soft. Her bones are distinct, and Xu Zhen’s hand hurt slightly while helping her.

After finishing the writing, Xu Zhen asked, “Do you want to try again by yourself?”

The girl said, “Write.”

Xu Zhen let go of her hand. Even without any help, the pen held by the little girl was still very straight.

The girl paused and then said, “I, sit on my own.”

With a funny smile, Xu Zhen asked, “Are you still shy?”

Xu Zhen let go of the girl.

The little girl sat near the bookcase and slowly wrote the words. 

After a while, her words were almost the same as the words written in the copybook.

Her progress was too fast.

Xu Zhen’s self-esteem was hurt, and she squatted over and looked at words for a while and asked, “Are you literate, did you lie to me before?”

Without looking up, the little girl said, “No.”

Xu Zhen thought about it for a while and said, “Then your talent is very good! Let’s learn the next word – what’s your name?”

The little girl didn’t answer.

Xu Zhen asked again, “I seem to have asked you before. Do you have no name?!”

After a while, she added, “How about I give one to you?”

The chapped lips of the girl moved slightly.

Xu Zhen leaned over to listen carefully and asked, “What do you say? Do you have any favorite words?!”

After a long while, a very low voice whispered, “Chun.”

“Chun? Meaning Spring?! Is that your name?” Xu Zhen enthusiastically asked again, “What’s your last name?!”

The little girl didn’t speak again.

Xu Zhen wrote down the word “Chun”.

The girl liked the word very much.

After writing it, Xu Zhen held the girl’s hand and helped her practice it.

Her palm became a little hot.

At first, Xu Zhen ignored it, but slowly the girl’s palms became hotter and hotter, making her unable to write with peace of mind.

Was there something wrong with the system?

Thinking of this assumption, Xu Zhen was a little nervous, and hurriedly handed over the pen to the girl, and let her write by herself.

And she quickly ran back to the house.

Inside the room, she carefully looked at the system interface that appeared in front of us.

Xu Zhen looked at merit points, still 18, no change.

Then what could be the problem?!

Xu Zhen carefully looked from top to bottom, from left and right, and finally saw it. 

In the lower right corner of the system interface, there were two more glittering options.

One was the “Main Line” and the other was the “Mall”.

Looking at it, Xu Zhen felt quite novel, so she clicked in and looked at it. 

The Main Line was opened first.

A line was written in the Main Line interface: “Become a teacher of Qing Long Academy (0/1)”

Success Reward: Merit Points(+50).

Failure Punishment: None.

What was this?!

Xu Zhen almost spat out old blood.

A few days ago, Xu Zhen had already offended someone from the academy and was kicked out.

Did you want her to work in the academy now?! 

Fortunately, there was no punishment…

Xu Zhen reluctantly stared at fifty merits points for a long time, and finally returned to the main menu.

Then click to open the Mall option.


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