RCFTAT: Chapter-3 (Part-1)


Xu Zhen took her wage and left because she had already offended the granddaughter of the person working in the Ministry of Industries, she had decided to hide at home for a few days.

The next day, Xu Zhen checked the merit points and found that unknowingly there were five merit points added to it, adding the earlier point, now she had a total of seven points.

Xu Zhen felt a bit strange.

She shouldn’t have this many merits. Has her fortune become so good?

Xing Zhen didn’t understand, so she closed the interface and went to check on the little girl.

After practicing for a few days, now the little girl could open her mouth. Although the girl’s voice was a little dumb, she was finally able to convey her meaning.

The little girl was a bit introverted and she didn’t talk much. Often it was only Xu who did the talking.

When Xu Zhen came back, she saw, the little girl was chopping wood.

Xu Zhen walked near the girl, after she saw the girl was busy, she took the bamboo chair from the room and sat next to the little girl.

After watching the little girl chop the firewood for a while, she asked, “Where did you get the firewood from?”

The little girl paused and looked up at Xu Zhen.

She tried to reply in a mute voice, “Bamboo forest, picked.”

Xu Zhen leaned towards the girl and asked, “Why are you collecting the firewood?”

The little girl bowed her head and again started chopping the wood.

“Repay money.”

Xu Zhen inquired again, “Return those twelve coins? That I used to save you?”

The little girl mumbled, “Yes.”

Xu Zhen tried to explain.

“That money not only saved your life but also mine. You don’t have to pay it back.”

The little girl didn’t answer.

Xu Zhen told the girl again, “And the bundle of firewood will only be sold for three coppers. How much wood do you have to chop for twelve silver?”

The little girl took the small sword with a dark blood red hilt in her hand and chopped the wood.

The blade looked green, like rusted.

Xu Zhen asked the girl.

“Is this your sword?”

“Her name, Hong.”

The name was very nice, Xu Zhen thought and asked more.

“Which one is red or loyal?”

The girl shook her head.

Xu Zhen asked again, “Are you illiterate?”

The little girl’s wrist stopped chopping movement for a moment, and after a long time, she answered.

“Don’t know.”

“Then I will teach you.”

After Xu Zhen said that she thought about how the Emperor emphasized literacy. The people of this dynasty were almost educated, even three-year-old children could say, “Don’t worry, gentleman.”

But this little girl was illiterate, was she exiled?

Xu Zhen became a bit hungry while talking to the little girl. She went inside the kitchen and took a piece of white cake and went back. 

Xu Zhen tore the cake in half and passed it to the little girl’s mouth.

“Open your mouth.”

The little girl opened her small mouth and took a bite.

“Is it too dry?”

The little girl swallowed and slowly said, “No.” 

After a while, she even added, “Delicious.”

Xu Zhen also took a bite but felt the cake wasn’t very tasty.

The two sat and ate the cake.

Xu Zhen asked about absurd things, and the little girl would occasionally reply.

She asked about the little girl’s name, age, parents, sibling, home, etc., and the little girl kept silent.

Xu Zhen felt tired after asking so many questions without getting a reply. After the little girl finished chopping the wood, she pulled the girl inside the house to wash her face.

The next day, Xu Zhen opened the system’s interface as usual.

When she clicked it, she was shocked, her merits points had somehow become nine!

It was two more than yesterday!

Xu Zhen was stunned.

She didn’t do anything yesterday, so how could the points grow? 

She had spent yesterday with the little girl, then how could her merit points increase instead of decrease?

To understand, for the next two days, Xu Zhen didn’t go out and stayed in the room chatting with the little girl. 

But even so, the merit points were still rising.

Sometimes by two points, and occasionally even by three points, it was heart-wrenching.

Xu Zhen was very much excited seeing the merit points had risen to nineteen in a just few days. 

She had to verify it, was the little girl her unicorn??



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1 year ago

Ohmygod you are actually still alive and updated this story 😭 bless thy soul, thank u ❤️😭❤️

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Thanks for the chapter!