RCFTAT: Chapter-2 (Part-4)


Staring at Xu Zhen the young woman asked, “Do you know the meaning of what you just replied?”

Xu Zhen looked at Shan Chang for help, but Shan Chang glared at her, wondering what was going on? 

Xu Zhen was worried. 

Maybe because of her poor performance, she wasn’t going to get any salary? Then didn’t she just worked in vain? 

After thinking about it, Xu Zhen decided to first cope up with the lady. If she couldn’t save her job at least, she should save her boss’s face.

She replied, “I know.”

The young woman didn’t let her explain, and said, “This article is related to Confucianism, but do you know that Taoism is studied by thousands of scholars in hundreds of schools.”

Xu Zhen didn’t expect that this dynasty was still more dedicated to Taoism than the later generations where Confucianism would be preferred more.

Xu Zhen sighed, and said, “I know.”

The young woman looked at her disdainfully and said, “Since you also know Taoism is studied by thousands of scholars, then why don’t you admit that learning thousands of scholars is better?”

Xu Zhen replied, “Taoism advocates about adapting to nature and calls out for ‘abandonment of profits’ making people demand less. How could this be used as ideal?”

After listening to Xu Zhen, the young woman couldn’t help but sit up straight and earnestly said, “Why can’t it be taken as ideal, the animals in the mountains have no desire and are without any rules and regulations, aren’t they happy? What is the need for self-modification?”

Xu Zhen asked, “Can you be like animals in the mountains, can you be satisfied with only food and warm clothes?”

The young woman said, “I will be content.”

Xu Zhen asked, “Why are you still competing with me for Confucianism and Taoism when you are content? You are not satisfied.”

The young woman became speechless for a moment.

No one had thought in a debate between a lady of Bai Hong Academy and the maid, the maid would be at the advantage in the last.

Bai Hong Academy had the reputation for nurturing brilliant scholars.

Where was this maid came from?

Everyone was asking one another, but no one knew from where the maidservant came from.

Xu Zhen took advantage of the situation and walked to the owner and whispered, “Shan Chang, did I performed well?”

Shan Chang ignored her, but Xu Zhen still asked, “What did you want to say when you twitched your eyes?”

After hearing those words, Shan Chang became angry and in low voice asked, “What do you think, I wanted to tell you?”

Xu Zhen replied, “You asked me to reply to her?”

Shan Chang angrily said, “I was trying to tell you not to provoke that person!”

Xu Zhen was surprised, and asked, “Ahh? Why?”

Shan Chang looked at her and asked again, “Do you know who her grandfather is?”

Xu Zhen shook her head.

Shan Chang hated her for being oblivion, and sadly said, “He works in Ministry of Industry, which we can’t afford to offend.”

Xu Zhen froze and tentatively asked, “Then my salary for today’s work?…”

Shan Chang took out a dozen of copper plates and threw them to Xu Zhen. She said, “Hurry up and leave.”



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1 year ago

Is this going to be dropped too?

9 months ago

Good comeback from MC lol