RCFTAT: Chapter-2 (Part-3)


Everything was going well but when the third time Xu Zhen went to deliver wine, she met a fully drunk man.

The man wearing a red robe stopped her to talk about Confucian philosophy. 

Xu Zhen tried to listen to that man’s drunken rumbling confused.

After speaking about Confucian philosophy, the man started reciting some other philosophical text.

“The reason human is human…”

Xu Zhen added, “Because they have four feet.”

The man angrily shouted, “Absolutely wrong!”

Xu Zhen asked, “Then, what is the answer?”

The man took a sip of wine from his cup and said, “Because they take one step at a time in life.”

Xu Zhen became silent after listening to the answer, she was really afraid of this man’s college examination result.

 After drinking another glass of wine, the man looked at Xu Zhen and asked, “Which school of philosophy you came from?”

After that, he took a coin out of his shirt and asked again, “Taoism or Confucianism?”

Xu Zhen quickly answered, “Both!” 

After replying, she reached out to take the coin.

But, the man quickly put the money back in his cloth.

Xu Zhen wanted to bang this drunkard’s head.

Luckily the manager Shan Chang came, after seeing the man drunk, he hurriedly shouted at the servants and said, “Someone come and quickly sends Guozi Ji Jiu home.”

Then he turned to scold Xu Zhen, “Why are you still standing? Do you understand a drunk’s speech? Get lost quickly.”

Before Xu Zhen could explain, the drunk man hugged her and said, “This is Guozi Ji Jiu.”

The manager hurriedly shouted, “Hurry and take this person back to his home.”

Utilizing the chaotic scene, Xu Zhen hurriedly took the coin out of the man’s shirt and stuffed the money in her pocket. 

She had earned this money.

After the distinguished guest of the table served by Xu Zhen went out, the manager asked her to follow him.

Xu Zhen followed the manager while holding a tray in her hands.

Today’s topic of the decision was ‘Confucianism’. 

Every scholar present there raised their pen to write their views and opinions on the philosophy of Confucius.

There was a low sound of guqin following in the room. 

After a while, everyone put away the answered rice paper in the tray.

Several servants started reciting the poems and text written on the rice paper by the scholars. 

Then Xu Zhen’s turn came to recite. 

She was still a little unfamiliar with the traditional Chinese letters. She had to take some time before directing the verse.

As a result, everyone started whispering, “Qing Long Academy recruited a virtuous servant.”

“She was just talking to Ji Jiu. It seems like she wanted to climb on a high branch.”

“She should sober up. Isn’t she afraid of being abandoned?”

Some whispered and others tried to speak directly on her face.

A young woman spoke in a loud voice and said, “A place like Qing Long Academy is contaminated now, the servants here can’t even recite a simple poem.”

Shan Chang tried to help Xu Zhen, and said, “This is a newly recruited person, naturally a little nervous in front of the crowd.”

The young woman smiled and said, “This kind of person could easily influence other scholars’ motivation. This person is not suitable for this place.”


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ohhh interesting so far

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Oooh I hope Xu Zhen puts them down and gives a good recite.. hehe