RCFTAT: Chapter-2 (Part-2)


While looking at his neighbor, the old man said, “You should give it a chance. Believe me.”

The old man added, “This book is very detailed and good. It helped me to rejuvenate the plant I have planted earlier.” 

“The plant must have rejuvenated by itself and it had nothing to do with the content of this book.” The neighbor asserted.

The old man waved his hand, said goodbye, and left.

The neighbor said, “Hey old man, you are enchanted. Let’s try and make a bet!”

The old man asked, “What kind of bet you want to make?”

The neighbor replied, “Take a look at my plant, will it be as bad as you have said after watering it. Let’s gamble thirty copper coins on it.”

Thirty copper coins was a lot, the old man was somewhat reluctant. He didn’t have much faith in the books-seller. 

The old man hesitated.

But, he couldn’t look at the gloating face of his neighbor so he finally made the bet. 

With some anger, he loudly said, “Gamble! Okay, let’s gamble. Within three days your plant will be rotten.”

After hearing the old man’s words, the neighbor laughed heartily. 

The result of the bet came out sooner than expected.

In less than three days, the luscious green broad-leaves of the plant became yellow and wilted. 

The neighbor became nervous and planned to put the plant in the sun the next day. 

But, the next day after placing the plant under the sun the plant became worse, many of its leaves withered and a few left on the stem curled up. 

After seeing the condition of the plant, the old man was very happy and went to dig the root.

The roots were all rotten.

The neighbor was looking at the old man’s enthusiasm, and in a low tone said, “Old man, can you show me the book.”

Xu Zhen had no idea that her book caused such a high stake gamble. 

Xu Zhen was still struggling to find a stable job, no recruiters wanted to give her a job. Her luck was not very bright.

After searching through the busiest market of the town, Xu Zhen was still unable to find any kind of work. 

She was very tired after walking all morning, as she leaned on the wall to rest, she found a recruitment advertisement notice for ‘Qing Long Academy’ stuck on the wall.

The notice said, ‘The birds who had missed the morning still have time to find food. And, one who missed an opportunity still had the time for you to seek virtue.’

It roughly meant that the academy was hiring additional manpower for help. If you work well, they would let you stay as permanent staff in the future. 

The salary was ten dollars a day. 

Xu Zhen was very happy reading it, although it was not much. But, it was enough for food and drinks.

After around people about the direction to the academy, she arrived at the door-step of ‘Qing Long Academy’.

Xu Zhen knocked at the door, and loudly said, “Is there still a job vacancy? I came here for the job.”

After an hour, she wore a light green shirt with a red silk scarf and started serving tea to the guests as a helper.

A young man dressed in white was playing guqin while sitting on the ground covered by red silk. 

There were cushions and various art supplies scattered on the red silk.

 ‘Qing Long Academy’ was a place where all gentlemen of the outstanding families came to discuss their views and points.

Xu Zhen looked around and when one tune was completed, she went to serve tea to the guest.

She thought this work was very simple.



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2 years ago

Thanks for the Chapter!~

2 years ago


9 months ago

Yeaa a steady job is less stressful, book selling is a gamble to earn. Hopefully she’s gonna build a clientele c: tyfor the chap