RCFTAT: Chapter-2 (Part-1)


It was indeed not very easy to sell a book at a stall.

After waiting for one day, Xu Zhen came to the young man, exchanged two clean rice cakes for a book, and took it home to study.

Xu Zhen squatted all day in the corner and had a backache. She regretted it and decided to go with fate in the future.

In the next few days, she took care of the little girl and tried to chat with her.

It was a pity that the little flowers cherished words like gold and never spoke to her.

Xu Zhen was feeling bored and could not help teasing the little girl when she was feeding medicine.

“What’s your name, how old are you? Eight years old? Six years old??” 

Xu Zhen raised her hand and let the little girl sit upright, “Get up and drink medicine.”

The little girl was wearing an overly spacious big-sleeved shirt, the sleeves were rolled into a thick bulge, and the long hem could almost be used as a bedsheet.

She sat on her knees, holding the bottom of the bowl with both her hands. Her lips were close to the cup, and she quickly drank the medicine.

After drinking, she returned the wooden bowl to Xu Zhen.

Xu Zhen pinched her face and said, “You are polite when you drink the medicine, why don’t you behave well when you steal the book.” 

She paused and added, “But the readers do not read by stealing. Are you a reader?”

“….Can’t you read and write?”

The little girl turned her head and looked at Xu Zhen for a while, sitting motionlessly, like a statue.

Obviously, she was a small girl, but the scar at the end of her eye added a bit of solemn look full of vicissitudes.

For the past few days, Xu Zhen had been used to her, so she didn’t care and said with a smile, “Okay, this is the one for today. Sit for a while and don’t sleep directly.”

The little girl looked up at her and Xu Zhen also looked at her.

Facing the sunlight, she suddenly found that the eyes of the little girl seemed a little darker blue, like an unknown pattern, looking very beautiful.

Sure enough, she was someone from the Hu people.

Neighboring children loved joking about the Hu people, saying that this group of people eat raw meat and drink blood like monsters.

Xu Zhen, as a traverser, naturally didn’t think so. Seeing the little girl’s eyes like this she actually liked them. She wanted to see more deeply.

“Are you a Hu?” Xu Zhen asked, “Which race?”

She asked with little hope.

Unexpectedly, the little flower opened her mouth, and the sound of the dumb-saw rubbing sounded, making it difficult for her to hear clearly.

Xu Zhen was a little surprised, and asked, “Where did you say?”

The little girl closed her mouth for a while and said, “Thank you.”

Hearing this, Xu Zhen felt very happy. She thought the little girl was a polite kid.

So she continued to chat with the little girl, and for a while, but the girl just sat with a dull look on her face.

Seeing that she did not speak, Xu Zhen waved her hand and let her continue to rest, knowing that her body had not recovered.

The wooden door closed, and the door was completely silent.

Xu Zhen walked back to her room and was about to take a nap. Suddenly thinking of her expenses for the past few days, she hurried to the cupboard and turned over all the deposits.

After finding out that she only had more than twenty copper plates left, she covered her head in pain.

Too poor.

It seemed that besides doing good deeds, making money was also very important.

Xu Zhen hid the money bag, ran to the kitchen and picked up a piece of meat patty, wrapped it in greased paper, and ate a few bites. 

After eating she quickly walked out of the door.

While walking to the market, an old man ran behind her and shouted, “Master! Master!”

Xu Zhen felt that the voice was familiar. She looked back and found that it was the person who bought the science books of flowers from her.

She had always been patient with customers and stopped to say hello to the old man.

Old Man opened the door and saw the road, “Master, are there any more books?”

Xu Zhen froze for a while and asked, “Books? That plant book?”

Old Man said, “Yes, yes!”

In order to sell books, Xu Zhen brought books with her. After speaking, she immediately pulled them out of her arms, “Of course there are, there are more than ten books. How many do you want?”

The old Man took the book, glanced at it, and said, “No, no!”

Xu Zhen asked, “What’s wrong? It’s the same book that was sold to you before.”

The old man said, “I have finished reading this book, but my neighbor’s plant was also withered, but those plants were not mentioned in that book.”

Xu Zhen understood but felt helpless.

There were so many flowers and plants in the world, she couldn’t write them all, that would take too much of her effort, and she didn’t remember them all.

“It’s none.” Xu Zhen said.

The old man suddenly looked disappointed. In order to support the author’s career, he still paid three dollars and bought the book.

Old Man walked slowly and brought the book to his home.

The neighbor was busy watering a broad-leaved, striped grass outside.

This was a small seedling he bought from a merchant in the Western Region. He spent a lot of money on it. 

It was said that it would grow expensive and delicious fruits after maturing.

Seeing him watering that plant, the old man blurted out, “You can only water it once in half a month. You poured it yesterday, and if you pour more, it will die soon.”

Hearing this, the neighbor’s face was not very good, he turned his head and scolded, “What’s wrong with you these days, reading this book and getting enchanted?! How can there be plants that don’t need water?”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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