OPRLR: Chapter-9


According to Su Ruan’s character, knowing that this skirt was brought by Li Ruo Lan, she should definitely throw it away but now she not only didn’t throw it away but also seemed to cherish it.

The vague thoughts in her heart suddenly became clear, wouldn’t Su Ruan also be reborn??

In this case, did she know her purpose today? Would she cause trouble?? 

After all, Su Ruan knew Huo Xiang Yang better than her.

Thinking of this, Su Qing Qing couldn’t sit still and didn’t dare to talk about the red skirt. She hurriedly returned to the east room after saying a few perfunctory words.

Su Ruan looked at Su Qing Qing’s back with a mocking smile.

For a moment, Su Qing Qing was very chaotic but gradually she calmed down in the process of putting on the makeup. 

Looking at the beautiful girl in the mirror, Su Qing Qing felt confident again.

What if Su Ruan was reborn??

In her last life, Huo Xiang Yang had praised her, but Su Ruan had grabbed him before her.

As long as Huo Xiang Yang was not reborn, both of them have the same starting point. 

Who would lose and who would win, was yet to be decided.

At about ten o’clock, Mrs. Su changed into clean and decent clothes, and also wore the pair of jade bracelets that she was usually afraid of bumping.

Seeing that Su Ruan was almost ready, Old lady Su went to the east room to see how the second room was doing.

When she saw Su Qing Qing’s appearance, the old lady Su couldn’t help but frown.

“They are coming to see your sister, why are you looking so eye-catching?”

No wonder the old lady would say that Su Ruan had just tied her waist-length hair in a high ponytail, and didn’t wear any makeup.

There was just a little lipstick on her mouth. She was wearing a simple white shirt and blue jeans looking refreshing.

However, Su Qing Qing had painted her eyebrows and eyes carefully, even if the cosmetics in this era weren’t as rich as later generations, but being young was the biggest capital.

She looked pure yet charming.

Although the old lady couldn’t understand the look, she also knew in her heart that men would like such a look. And he would like it, more than Su Ruan.

Liao Hong Mei smiled and carefully said, “Our Qing Qing is really good. Mom, can you see that she’s wearing makeup?”

The more she looked, the happier Liao Hong Mei became, she clapped her hands and said, “Looking at this, our Qing Qing looks no worse than Ruan Ruan…”

Stealing the sister’s limelight? What were you trying to do?!

Su Qing Qing ignored the old lady Su’s nagging, but she knew from the old lady’s words that Su Ruan didn’t dress up, so she felt a little relieved.

She thought maybe because of nervousness, she overthink before. 

If Su Ruan was really reborn, it was impossible for her to not pay attention to her first meeting with Huo Xiang Yang.

In her last life, Su Ruan couldn’t have children, and Huo Xiang Yang didn’t say anything, especially after the Huo family had a place in Yan City.

Everyone thought that Huo Xiang Yang would divorce her, or have illegitimate children outside, after all, the Huo family had such a big family business to inherit.

And Huo Xiang Yang had never been short of women especially after gaining a firm foothold in Yan City. The false scandals about him in the entertainment newspapers had never stopped.

However, Huo Xiang Yang didn’t think about it at all, and when others mentioned it, he always said with a look of deep infatuation, “It’s good to have no children, Ruan Ruan is still a child.”

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

Su Qing Qing still remembered that when she went to find Su Ruan to find a job for his son, Huo Xiang Yang, the richest man in Yan City, was clearing the coffee table.

And when Su Ruan petted his head, a man in his forties looked at Su Ruan with gentle eyes like water.


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