OPRLR: Chapter-8


After she and Li Ruo Lan met each other in her last life, although she knew that Li Ruo Lan and her uncles didn’t like the Su family in private, the Li family never said a bad word about the Su family in front of her, including Su Wen Shan.

Just because they want her to feel that she was loved.

Su Wen Shan’s love was paranoid and twisted, but it was full of calculations. But Li Ruo Lan’s love for her was sweet and gentle. 

A love of a mother who expected her child to be born and grow up healthily.

For the first time in her life, she felt the love of being cared for, but because of the deception of the Su family, she had missed it…

Su Ruan carefully stroked the red skirt in her hands, Li Ruo Lan never told her how much she paid for her.

Su Ruan always thought that it was only after she went into the city and got close to the Li family that Li Ruo Lan began to quietly pay attention to her and tried to get close to her.

But now that she thought about it, after Su Wen Shan threw her to the old lady Su and he almost ignored her. 

He didn’t even know how old she was or when she went to the school, so how could he buy her a school bag, buy her dictionary, or shop for clothes.

Those things should be prepared by Li Ruo Lan. It turned out that even if she was rejected, Li Ruo Lan had always been watching her silently, from childhood to adulthood…

“Ruan Ruan?” Old lady Su saw that Su Ruan liked the skirt, so she frowned in disgust, and said, “Didn’t Qing Qing say it? That she was forced to buy it…”

“She was already married for the second time. For such a rich person, buying a cloth for more than a hundred dollars is just like moving her fingertip…just like sending a beggar.”

“Don’t imitate your mother, she only sees money, but our Su family has a backbone and can’t be bought for this little profit, do you hear me??”

“How can the skirt she was forced to buy fit me so well?” 

Su Ruan looked up at the old lady, and asked, “My dad doesn’t know my size at all, and also, don’t you know not know where she is??…”

“Then how do you know that she is married to a rich family?”

Su Ruan’s tone was unhurried, even a little lazy, but old lady Su was stunned.

What did this child mean? Did you want to find Li Ruo Lan??

Thinking of this, the old lady Su spared no effort and quickly said, “We know where she is…she and your father are both in the education department.”

“They meet at meetings in the city, every time she sees your Dad, she will be arrogant and say she was fortunate to leave you, otherwise it would be impossible to take a child and marry well…”

“After twenty years, where will the feeling come from? That woman is very snobbish, she must not be at ease when she suddenly finds you. She will sell you…”

“Okay, grandma. Don’t worry,” Su Ruan interrupted old lady Su, and with some casual sarcasm in her tone said, “Where can she meet her to sell first…”

Su Wen Shan would be the first to sell her. 

The old lady Su suddenly thought of the marriage of the Lu family, and the rest of the words were stuck in her throat.

She tried to explain a few words for Su Wen Shan, but looking at Su Ruan’s expression, she finally helplessly sighed and said, ” Why do you still remember this, didn’t I find the Huo family for you?”

“The girl’s family needs to be more peaceful, and the more peaceful she is the more pleased her husband’s family would be.”

Su Ruan chuckled, “I know, so you like Second Aunt and Qing Qing the most.”

Old lady Su choked, and she stopped talking. And angrily left the room.

Su Ruan looked at the other person in the room and said, “The last time you sent me a pen, you secretly went to the city to tell the Lu family that I have a partner who will get married in a month…”

Su Qing Qing, “…”

“I am just afraid you don’t have nice clothes.”

“Really??” Su Ruan glanced at her and sneered, “I don’t believe you.”

Su Qing Qing, “…”

Although she was used to Su Ruan’s yin and yang weirdness, it was still very annoying!

With this annoying personality, if it weren’t for the aura of the protagonist, how could everything go smoothly for her!

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Su Qing Qing couldn’t help frowning when she saw Su Ruan carefully putting the red skirt in the cabinet.


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