OPRLR: Chapter-7


It could be said that she was deceived by the elders of the Su family, believing that Li Ruo Lan had abandoned her, but after the rebirth, she knew the truth. 

And she also knew that Li Ruo Lan was an untouchable scar in Su Ruan’s heart, but she tore open her wounds to achieve her goals.

Unfortunately, her mother’s business was no longer the wound in Su Ran’s heart. 

Su Ruan took off the skirt. Even though Su Qing Qing lied about the reason, this red skirt was really bought for her by Li Ruo Lan.

Old lady Su entered the door and saw the two sisters standing near the dress, so she suspiciously asked, “Hurry up, what are you doing??”

Seeing that Su Ruan took off the red skirt and folded it up, looking like she didn’t intend to wear it today, the old lady Su hurriedly said, “Why…just wear this skirt…it’s beautiful.” 

“You should wear it today…your dad bought it for you.”

Su Qing Qing was looking forward to Su Ran rejecting that red skirt. The style and material of this skirt were very good. 

No wonder Huo Xiang Yang remembered it even after so many years.

Seeing that Su Ruan did not speak, Su Qing Qing told the old lady, “This skirt was not bought by my uncle, but by my sister’s mother.”

Originally, the old lady didn’t have the slightest suspicion that Su Wen Shan didn’t buy it.

But hearing the origin of the skirt, the old lady Su’s face changed, and she scolded, “Don’t wear it, who knows what is on that vixen’s mind?!”

“When did you see her??” 

Without waiting for Su Ruan to answer, a series of skillful bad words shot out like a machine gun, from the old lady Su’s mouth.

 “…When you were so young, holding her legs, crying and begging her not to go…”

“You were only three years old. She didn’t even say a word of pity. She didn’t even look at you, just turned around and left. I have never seen such a cruel mother before!”

“Now that we have raised you, she wants to come and pick you???”

“Bahh! What?!”

Su Ruan sneered and the corners of her lips hooked, and she said, “Yeah, true…”

In the mouth of the Su family, Li Ruo Lan had become an unforgivable villain, and her name was like a vicious curse when it was mentioned.

Before the age of fifteen, everyone in the Su family often talked about her mother’s name like “don’t learn from your vixen mother”, “don’t behave as selfishly as your mother”…

Because she was educated like this from her childhood, she hated Li Ruo Lan deeply. 

But Li Ruo Lan never abandoned her. 

It was Su Wen Shan who knew that Li Ruo Lan cared about her daughter the most, so in order to retaliate against her for her insisting on divorce and sacrificing his bright future, he did everything possible to grab the custody of Su Ruan.

However, after getting custody, Su Wen Shan directly threw her to old lady Su and didn’t care about Su Ruan for a day.

But Su Wen Shan succeeded, she hated Li Ruo Lan all her life and made the other party sad and uncomfortable all her life.

She didn’t even show filial piety to her mother for a day and when she finally recognized her, she made her mother worry, and let her suffer from the pain of sending her daughter to the funeral. 

Thinking that the bold and enthusiastic old lady, losing all her energy overnight, crying while lying on top of her and fainting because of the sadness, Su Ruan squeezed her wrist tightly.

The pain helped her ease the anxiety in her heart.

“Ruan Ruan, listen to grandma, don’t be deceived by her, there is no one more vicious than that vixen!…”

“When you were young, in order to divorce your father, she even hooked up with the people in the city and left you. She must have planned something bad if she had come to find you!”

Seeing the vicious expression on old lady Su’s face, Su Ruan suddenly felt ridiculous.

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She always thought that the old lady Su was one of the few warm people in her short family, but in fact, most of the hatred in her heart was instilled by the old lady.


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