OPRLR: Chapter-6


Su Ruan’s beautiful red dress was still remembered by relatives of the Su family decades later.

Because every time Huo Xiang Yang showed his love in public, he would mention how beautiful Su Ruan looked in a red dress when he first saw her. And from that time only, his heart fell for her.

Su Qing Qing felt that the so-called love, at first sight, was nothing more than a notion.

In her last life, she wanted to marry Lu Ming Chen all her life and didn’t care about Huo Xiang Yang at all, so when the Huo family came to see her, she went to her grandmother’s house to prepare gifts for the Lu family.

But this time was different, Su Ruan did have a delicate face that was standard for the protagonist, but she didn’t look bad herself.

Before transmigrating into the book, she was the anchor of a well-known platform. She mostly had male fans, she knew too much about what kind of woman a man liked.

Makeup, hairstyle, clothes, and accessories were the weapons of women.

Su Qing Qing squinted at the back of Su Ruan, who was entering the room…

No one would think that there were too many weapons, and it could also weaken the opponent’s advantage.

Su Qing Qing knew that Huo Xiang Yang liked Su Ruan’s bright and charming style, but if she wants to be charming, then Su Ruan can’t match her.

Su Ruan didn’t know that Su Qing Qing was still thinking about her red dress.

Su Ruan combed her hair and thought about the next plan.

The top priority now was to make money. After a lifetime, Su Ruan understood the truth that only money could bring freedom.

Like this time in her previous life, if she had money, not much, just one or two hundred, she could at least choose to run away and go to the south to work, or temporarily avoid the situation here.

Instead of letting Su Wen Shan and the Lu family dictate her life at will.

But Su Ruan would not run away in this life, but whether it was to leave Su’s house and go back to school, or find her mother in the city, she needed money.

Just as Su Ruan was thinking, Su Qing Qing pushed the door and came in with a beige dress.

With a serious expression, she said, “Sister.”

Su Ruan was too lazy to take care of her, so she kept straightening her hair in front of the mirror.

Su Qing Qing didn’t care either, Su Ruan has always been indifferent. And this time she was forced to marry, and it was normal to ignore her.

Su Qing Qing made a nervous gesture and looked at the red dress hanging on the wall and hesitantly said, “Sister…this red dress was actually bought by your mother. “

After brushing her hair for a while, Su Ruan looked back at Su Qing Qing, and asked, “What did you say?”

Su Qing Qing had clearly thought of a reason, so she cleverly replied, “Really, I met Uncle Ma when I went to the city last time, and I heard him say that. You know, he has the best relationship with your dad…” 

“Some time ago, when Uncle Ma went to the city on a business trip, he happened to meet your mother and her child in a department store.

“I heard that she makes a lot of money, and bought a lot of clothes and game consoles for the child… “

“Uncle Ma saw that she was so good to the children born to her, but she doesn’t care about you, so he felt the injustice for you.”

“Then he blocked her on the spot. And your mother probably bought this red dress for fear of embarrassment, to stop others from talking about you.”

Su Qing Qing carefully observed Su Ruan’s expression, and added, “I heard that the dress cost more than two hundred yuan. I think your dad also thinks it is a pity to throw away such an expensive skirt. After all, it’s your right, so he gave it to you.”

Su Ruan directly walked towards the red skirt hanging on the wall, taking the opportunity to hide the coldness in her eyes.


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6 months ago

Really can’t stand quing quing. She’s that character whose sole purpose in life is to shit on other people

4 months ago

Imagine living your third rebirth and your solution to life still depends on marrying a man. Honestly, you’re from a modern time, what did you learn? Even if it’s just superficial knowledge, it’s still ahead of a bit from others. Gosh I’m so embarrassed for her. And since she thinks the MC is the protag, therefore have the halo, she should have realized that regardless of who she married, that protag halo will follow MC. Obviously, the guys are secondary protags only. Where is the IQ!