OPRLR: Chapter-5


Hearing the old lady’s words, Liao Hong Mei was a little unhappy. 

What the old lady said, it seemed that Su Ruan was already matched with Huo Xiang Yang.

But in order not to reveal the secret, Liao Hong Mei still smiled and said, “He is handsome and has skills, although the family is a little poor, it will definitely become more wealthy in the future…”

“Today, we should just not look at that kid from the Huo family, but also take a good look at his mother and his sister. In the future, we have to take care of each other.”

The old lady Su said in a shocked tone, “You are really acting like a mother-in-law today.”

Hearing it, Liao Hong Mei blinked her eyes in guilt and said with a generous smile, “Look at what you said, mother. Ruan Ruan was raised by us in this house since she was a child.”

“If I’m not qualified to be a mother-in-law, then who will be, her stepmother, Du Xiao Hong??”

Speaking of Du Xiao Hong, the second wife of Su Wen Shan, the old lady Su instantly felt that the second daughter-in-law was still pleasing to the eye. 

The old lady said, “Okay! Today, I’ll let you be the mother-in-law. Behave well!”

Su Ruan took the wash basin to the kitchen to scoop up water, and hearing their conversation, she couldn’t help but sneer.

The old lady used to be confused. She would have never imagined that Liao Hong Mei really wanted to be Huo Xiang Yang’s mother-in-law.

But now she could finally confirm that not only she but also Su Qing Qing was reborn after the fall that she collided with Su Qing Qing a few days ago.

At this time in her previous life, Su Qing Qing was still busy thinking about marrying the Lu family and enjoying the future.

At that time, she looked down on Huo Xiang Yang.

However, in the past life, she failed to become the high-ranking general’s wife and now she had planned to become a wealthy lady in this life.

It was just that the time of their rebirth was a bit unfortunate. 

Before they came back, Su Qing Qing had already cut off the marriage between her and the Lu family. And unluckily she had already met the elders of the Lu family and settled the marriage.

Now that Su Qing Qing wanted to marry Huo Xiang Yang again, Su Ruan was a little curious about how she was going to toss this time.

Because they were going to entertain guests in the afternoon, today’s breakfast was simple. Only steamed bread and pickles with millet porridge were there for breakfast.

Old Mrs. Su looked at Su Qing Qing’s wavy hair after she removed the towel, and she couldn’t help but nag, “What kind of weird style is this?? Just learn from those vixens.”

The old lady had only been accustomed to a simple dressing style.

Su Qing Qing didn’t care about the old lady’s words and said, “Grandma, you are talking about style from your time. Now if I go out with my hair like this, it will become a fashion trend…”

“The rolling cloth is still very popular in the city. Only the stars from the capital have this kind of hair perm.”

Liao Hong Mei smiled and said, “Qing Qing is clever, this hair really looked much better than the hairdresser in the county. And a style like this even costs dozens of times that of a haircut.”

Su Qing Qing proudly said, “Give them a few hundred yuan and they won’t be able to style like this.”

When old lady Su heard that the effect was a few hundred yuan, she immediately took a look at it with the money filter.

The old lady instantly thought that the hairstyle looked a little good, so she said, “You, two sisters, hurry up and eat. After that Qing Qing will style Ruan Ruan like this too.”

The old lady said to Su Ruan who was engrossed in eating, “You don’t need to wash the dishes today. After breakfast, take care of yourself and leave a good impression on others.”

Su Qing Qing blinked and softly said, “Sister, I am afraid it’s too late. I did it on a whim yesterday, and I have to wrap my wet hair in the cloth for the whole night…”

Su Qing Qing added, “I am not sure if it can be done in an hour or two.”

Su Ruan swallowed the last mouthful of millet porridge and lightly said, “No, I don’t really like this kind of curly hair.”

The Old lady Su immediately agreed, “Ruan Ruan, your hair looks good even if you don’t have it curled. Dark and shiny, that’s how a girl’s family should look like.”

“Remember to wear that red dress that your father bought for you from the city.” Mrs. Su smiled so much that her eyes narrowed. She happily stared at Su Ruan.

Su Qing Qing, who was chewing steamed buns, heard old lady Su’s words, the red skirt, and her eyes flashed.



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