OPRLR: Chapter-4


“What’s early??!” The old lady Su scolded, “The sun is in the middle of the sky. Come on, who is lazy like you and sleeps until the sun rises! If you behave like that at your in-law’s house, they will kill you!!”

Su Qing Qing’s expression froze, and she wanted to twirl her hair to cover it up, but it still attracted the old lady’s attention.

“What are you doing being so weird?! Becoming stupid just by standing.”

But it turned out that Su Qing Qing was wrapping her hair around the towel in a circle on the top of her head. The old lady didn’t know the skill and thought that she was acting like a demon again.

Looking at Su Ruan’s mocking eyes, Su Qing Qing took a deep breath and tried to deviate from the topic, “Grandma, have you bought fish yet?? I heard that Huo Xiang Yang especially likes to eat fish.” 

Old lady Su neatly said, “Fish is expensive and troublesome. Is the braised pork not enough for him??”

Su Qing Qing became a little anxious, and said, “Ohh, why don’t you prepare their favorite food when you entertain guests.”

The old lady Su said, “Guest? He hasn’t become our son-in-law yet.”

At this point, she suspiciously looked at Su Qing Qing and said, “How do you know that Huo Xiang Yang likes to eat fish??”

How did she know?!

In the previous life, not only did she know that when Huo Xiang Yang ate, at least two fish were served at home, so he could eat well.

Su Qing Qing glanced at Su Ruan and casually said, “I heard that when Huo Xiang Yang was a high-ranking man and many people know his preferences.”

Thinking of today’s plan, Su Qing Qing didn’t want to bother with the old lady, and said to Liao Hong Mei directly, “Mom, give me some money, and I will go and buy fish.”

Liao Hong Mei knew that today’s event was important for her daughter’s future life, so she wasn’t stingy. She went to the house and took out the money. 

“Besides fish, what else does Xiang Yang like to eat?? You can buy it together…” 

Then she turned her head and smiled at the old lady Su who was staring at her and said, “Mom, Qing Qing is not just for Huo Xiang Yang, but for marriage. After all, he was from the city and had a promising future.” 

The old lady had no doubts, after all, in this matter, the second room was the first to harass Su Ruan for Su Qing Qing’s marriage, and it was estimated that they felt sorry for her.

Liao Hong Mei smiled and said, “I heard that Huo Xiang Yang came back from the south this time, and he has paid off all the debts owed because of his mother’s illness. In the future, he plans to open a factory by himself. It seems you will have a factory owner as a grandson-in-law!” 

The old lady heard the words and a smile finally appeared on her face. Of course, she hoped that her granddaughter would marry into a good family and live well.

If it weren’t for diarrhea during the college entrance examination, Ruan Ruan would probably be a college student now, not to mention her beautiful looks, there wouldn’t be a second girl more beautiful than her. 

Originally, it was best to find a factory worker to get married, but suddenly the Lu family came to propose marriage without any explanation, and because of it the marriage of the two girls in their family was messed up.

Qing Qing wanted to marry a disabled man and live her life as a widow, and Ruan Ruan had to hurriedly get married within two months.

To choose a good family for Su Ruan, the old lady had been in a hurry, but fortunately, Huo Xiang Yang appeared.

The old lady Su smiled and said, “I was thinking that this time it would be hard to find a good marriage partner within two months. But I didn’t expect the Huo family to come and talk about marriage. She really has good luck.”

Su Qing Qing, who had gone back to the house, heard that and sneered in response.

Good luck??

Just because Su Ruan was the protagonist of the book.

In this life, she would let them see who really had the real good fortune.


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