OPRLR: Chapter-3


“Mom, the Huo family will come to see Ruan Ruan today. Her father won’t come back?!”

Liao Hong Mei’s words brought Su Ruan back to her senses. 

Since there was a chance to go back to the original point, who would want to go the old way?

The old lady Su said, “In these two days, the leaders from above will come to inspect the department. Ruan Ruan’s father is busy. He doesn’t need to come for this trivial matter.”

 Liao Hong Mei muttered, “Is it a trivial matter to choose a marriage partner for my daughter??” 

Hearing the muttering, the old lady asked, “What are you talking about?”

“It’s nothing…” Liao Hong Mei jokingly said, “Her parents are not here, when the  people from the Huo family will come, won’t they think it’s for our Qing Qing.”

Su Qing Qing was her cousin, a few months younger than her.

Since Su Ran was a child, the second aunt always had to let Su Qing Qing push her to be happy. 

She was a girl whose father and mother didn’t care about her, so how could she live better than her family, Su Qing Qing??

As a result, from childhood, Su Qing Qing liked to fight with her for everything. As long as anything she owned was good, Su Qing Qing would have to take it from her to be reconciled.

Su Ruan had always wondered why Su Qing Qing always kept staring at her in her last life, but only later did she realize that Su Qing Qing regarded her as the protagonist in a book and felt that she was lucky and everything about her was because of it.

Su Ruan squinted her eyes, at the meaning of Liao Hong Mei’s words, it seemed that in this life everything was still the same.

Hearing it, the old lady Su became furious, and said with a sigh, “The dog’s mouth can’t spit out ivory. Qing Qing’s marriage has already settled with the Lu family, what are you talking about?!”

In the end, the old lady Su couldn’t help but raise her voice in anger.

There was naturally a reason for the old lady to be so angry. 

Originally the marriage with the Lu family was for Su Ran, but Su Qing Qing took it.

The Lu family was from the city, the whole family had a job, and their conditions were very good, but the marriage partner Lu Ming Chen was injured and paralyzed.

He was seriously injured, and it was rumored that he couldn’t even have a child in the future. The problem was a bit big, so he had to find a wife from a rural area.

As a result, when Su Ruan’s father Su Wen Shan hesitated to agree to this marriage, Su Qing Qing ran to Lu’s house first, saying that Su Ruan already had a partner.

Su Qing Qing also said that she was willing to marry the Lu family.

The Lu family felt that Su Ruan was deliberately humiliating them because Lu Ming Chen was paralyzed, so they changed the object of the proposal to Su Qing Qing.

And at the same time, they also said that they wanted to attend Su Ruan’s wedding. Forcing Su Ruan to get married within two months.

So for Su Qing Qing’s marriage, Su Ruan had to frequently go on blind dates during this period of time, and many crooked families came to take advantage and made the old lady angry.

Thinking of the culprit, the old lady Su shouted at the east wing of the house, “Su Qing Qing! Hurry up! Don’t be lazy!!!”

Turning towards the west wing, the old lady Su calmed down and said, “Ruan Ruan, you too get up and wash your hair…”

Su Ruan folded the quilt and went out, meeting Su Qing Qing who had just come out of the east room.

Honestly, Su Qing Qing’s appearance was not bad, she had fair skin, almond eyes, and a beautiful nose.

Her face looked pure and beautiful, like the appearance of the first love.

It was just that her movements were always weak, especially when she acted like a spoiled child. It reminded Su Ruan of those girls on the live broadcast platform of later generations who squeezed their voices to act like a baby.

Those anchors have been specially trained on how to frown and smile to become popular among men.

Su Qing Qing smiled sweetly when she saw Su Ruan, but there was a hidden sense of superiority in her eyes, “Sister, it’s early.”



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