OPRLR: Chapter-2


“Ruan Ruan, Qing Qing, all get up!” An old lady’s voice came from outside the window, “The sun is high, and everyone is about to get married. Why are they still so lazy?? After getting married you two will be straightened up your husband’s house!”

Hearing the old lady’s words, Su Ruan opened the curtains and saw that the old lady Su was combing her hair with the plastic comb.

While combing her sparse hair, she looked at the middle-aged woman with short hair in the middle of the yard and scolded, “Liao Hong Mei, are you sweeping the yard or cultivating the immortals!! Be quick, the Huo family will be here at ten o’clock. Today is a busy day.”

In her last life, today was the day that she and Huo Xiang Yang had a successful blind date. After that, she married the Huo family.

In the last life, the blind date was indeed accomplished, and it became the proudest thing in the old lady’s life.

After all, who would have thought that Huo Xiang Yang, who was heavily in debt, would become the richest man in the Province??

The most important thing was that when a man made money, he became bad, which was not the case with Huo Xiang Yang at all. 

He had been deeply in love with Su Ruan for decades. Even if Su Ruan had no children in his life, he had never thought of marrying another woman.

The mother-in-law was also famous for being reasonable and treating her like a daughter.

Everyone said that Su Ruan had accumulated great virtues in her past life, so she had such a big blessing…


Every time she heard this sentence, Su Ruan felt funny. 

How did they know that the so-called affectionate and reasonable Huo family just wanted to coax her to be a bull and a horse for their Huo family?

Huo Xiang Yang was gentle and considerate, but his gentleness and consideration were not for her alone, even if it was a cat or a dog, as long as anything looked pitiful in front of him, he would be gentle.

If she was replaced by a woman who had been devastated by fate and was in a more poor situation, then he would have long left her to take care of her.

On the contrary, it was his wife who gradually lost the qualification to enjoy his tenderness and consideration. Because she was “strongest”, and the others were “different from her”.

When she was dying on the hospital bed and had trouble breathing, her reasonable mother-in-law led her two teenage children to her bed with sadness and shame on her face and said, “Ruan Ruan, don’t blame mom, our Huo family can’t be without a son. The Huo family had such a huge family business and someone has to inherit it, right??”

“Don’t worry, these two children are like your own sons. After you leave, I will let them burn paper for you.”

Huo Xiangyang still looked affectionate, and in a guilty tone said, “I am sorry, Ruan Ruan, they all designed me. Mother wanted a grandson when she was old. The child is innocent…”

“My favorite person will always be you, even if you are gone, no one will ever shake your position as Mrs. Huo.”

If Su Ruan could speak at that time, she would definitely have scolded him and said, “Fuck you, is this old lady rare for you?!”

It was a pity that she couldn’t speak, but fortunately, there was a lawyer.

Su Ruan recalled that after the lawyer read her will, the whole room of people panicked and suddenly collapsed. 

They probably forgot that the wealth of the Huo family always belonged to her. She had built the company step by step by herself, the company just bore the surname Huo…

Since they had been pretending for a lifetime, there must be an end to it, right?? 

After her death knowing her will, they should have really cried from their heart.

Thinking about it, they cried too hard for her. Instead of sending her to the river of forgetfulness, they directly sent her back to the past.


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4 months ago

Lol awesome. It’s great to have lawyers and will.