OPRLR: Chapter-1


In the darkness before dawn, the person sleeping on the kang frowned.

“Doctor, do you think we can stop giving my daughter medicine?” Her father Su Wen Shan’s voice sounded from the door, seemingly unable to control his sadness.

He continued, “Every time after the medicine effect is gone, she suffers so much. I really can’t bear to watch her suffer so badly.”

“That’s right, doctor…” Her stepmother Du Xiao Hong also said, “She is too uncomfortable.” 

After being choked up by distress, she said, “We hope she gets free sooner.”

“I don’t think you want her to get better sooner. You don’t want to waste hundreds of thousands on medicine, right??” The loud and ironic voice of her second aunt, Liao Hong Mei rang.

Her voice was loud, she didn’t care if her voice could awaken the patient.

“You two should stop pretending! Who doesn’t know that you would like her to die early so that you can directly inherit her inheritance!!”

“Why?? Are you still thinking about other people’s money?!” The second aunt, Liao Hong Mei angrily said, “This is the family business that Su Ruan had earned, even if it runs out of money, it’s not your turn to feel distressed about it!!”

“Liao Hong Mei, don’t stir up trouble. That is what you mean, not us.” Du Xiao Hong, the stepmother who was speaking with a voice full of kindness and distress, suddenly sharpened her tone and sneered, “Ruan Ruan is well even if she really wants to share the inheritance with us, it has nothing to do with you!”

Liao Hong Mei sneered and said, “It has nothing to do with me?? I have raised her for twenty years. If my Qing Qing hadn’t prevented her from marrying into the Lu family back then, would Su Ruan have had a good life? Would she have lived as Mrs. Huo’s??!”

“You stay here all day long, just to stop everyone from contacting her. Do you think that if you control Su Ruan now, you will be able to swallow her inheritance??”

Hearing it, Du Xiao Hong angrily scolded,  “You really know how to speak right and wrong. Does Su Qing Qing defend Ruan Ruan from disasters?? It was obviously because she saw that the Lu family was rich and from the city, so she robbed Ruan Ruan of marriage, and the one who bullied Ruan Ruan the most was your second room!! Still thinking about her money! I tell you, there is no way!!!”

Not to be outdone, Liao Hong Mei also sneered and shouted, “Hahaha, it’s such a big joke, who is speaking black and white. You go out and ask, who doesn’t know what you have done, Du Xiao Hong!”

“How good Ruan Ruan’s grades were back then, but after eating the food you made for her during the college entrance examination, she would vomit and have diarrhea. If Ruan Ruan hadn’t been strong, she would have long been ruined by you, an old witch!!”


“You are shameless!”

With great interest, Su Ruan listened to the dog bite the dog drama outside the door. Hearing those words, she also remembered a lot of old things.

Suddenly, a tired but firm voice resembling a lioness guarding her calf sounded outside. 

“You all…get out of my way!! If I am here for a day, don’t even think about cutting off her medicine!!”

Then the sight changed, a woman with silver hair rushed towards her, and in a voice laced with pain said, “Ruan Ruan, you can’t leave your mother…”


Su Ruan woke up suddenly and found that she was sleeping on a hard kang, and the blue brick wall was around her.

Looking at the room, Su Ruan instantly sat up.

Opposite the kang was a somewhat new sewing machine, and against the back wall was a row of maroon cabinets.

Picking up the mirror from the side table, she looked at the image. The girl inside had smooth skin, long black, and a pair of peach blossom eyes that were bright and clear.

It took a few moments for Su Ruan to confirm that after closing her eyes on the hospital bed, she went back to her twenties.


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