GPVTYO: Chapter-6


Gu Miao Miao suspiciously looked at her, as if she didn’t believe that this little girl could speak well.

You You slowly raised her head and those tearful eyes really shocked Gu Miao Miao this time.

“Sister…woo woo woo…No one has ever praised me for being smart…Sister, you are the first…woo woo woo…to praise me for being smart…”

Gu Miao Miao, “!!!”

Gu Miao Miao said so much earlier and out of all those words, she understood just one sentence, and that too wrongly.

When did she praise her for being smart?!

But hearing her sister praise, Gu You You was feeling really touched.

She felt that in her dream, she was simply a wicked villain that hurt her sister deeply.

Her sister was so nice and gentle, not only did she say that she was not stupid, but also praised her for being smart, how could she bully her sister like that??

After crying so hard, You You decided that she must protect her beautiful and gentle sister.

Whoever bullied her sister in the future, she would bully them back!

She would protect her best sister from other bad guys!

“Why are your eyes so red??”

At the dinner table, Yu Lan, who was finally willing to leave the room, saw You You’s red eyes at a glance but her first reaction was to look at Gu Miao Miao and then ask, “Did someone bully you?”

Hearing the question, Gu Miao Miao’s hand holding the chopsticks slightly tightened.

According to the character of You You, after waiting for so long, it was time to file a complaint.

After Gu Miao Miao adjusted her state of mind, she was thinking about how to use the tone of a five-year-old child to deal with the situation.

Before she could think of a response, she heard You You say.

“No one is bullying You You.”

Gu Miao Miao, who was getting into a fighting state, suddenly froze.

Yu Lan looked dubious, so she asked again, “Really?”

“Really!” You You simply answered, and her almond eyes curved into crescents.

Gu You You looked cutely at her mother and asked, “Mom, can You You drink two cans of strawberry milk today??”

Yu Lan directly refused, and said, “No, you If you drink too much milk, you will have diarrhea.”

You You whispered, “I only drink one can, and the other can is for my sister.”

Yu Lan raised her eyes and looked at Gu Miao Miao who was quietly eating at the table.

The kid was quieter than she imagined. She didn’t pick a fight with her stepmother, and she didn’t try to please her.

Although the child was clean, she always felt like this girl had some arrogance.

Not likable at all.

“Eat your meal.”

Yu Lan directly skipped the topic.

But she had to be perfunctory in the face, so after the dinner, Yu Lan stopped Gu Miao Miao and pretended to be a loving mother and patted her head.

“Miao Miao, it’s the first time I saw you today. If there is anything wrong with Auntie, you can directly tell me. Please treat me as your own mother, and don’t let outsiders see a joke.”

However, Yu Lan’s heart was saying, “It’s better, if you do not say it, anyway she won’t change it.”

Hearing the fake care, Gu Miao Miao calmly nodded, “Okay, Aunt Yu.”

“Your father won’t come back from the production team until next month. If you need anything, you can tell your Auntie.”

Gu Miao Miao also played well and obediently replied, “Nothing is missing, the family is well equipped.”

Yu Lan, “…”

Although there seemed to be nothing wrong with this child’s attitude,…was it just her illusion?

Why did she always feel that this girl looked a little disdainful while talking to her??

Seeing Gu Miao Miao returning to her room, You You tugged at the corner of Yu Lan’s clothes and asked again, “Mom, I want strawberry milk.”

Yu Lan opened the refrigerator and brought her a can.

“Mom, get another can.” 

The fleshy little hand was raised in the air, and the five little fingers were stretched out to reach the other strawberry milk can in the refrigerator.

“What are you doing with another can?”

You You raised a smile and simply said, “I will give it to my sister.” 

Hearing it, the refrigerator slammed shut.


Yu Lan squinted and looked at You You, who was obviously close to Gu Miao Miao, and warned, “Your sister hates you, so don’t rush to put your hot face on her cold butt…” 

“If you secretly ask Aunt Zhang to bring the can to her, then I will even confiscate your can, do you understand?” 

You You who liked strawberry milk the most, quickly hid the can behind her, pinching her ten little fingers tightly, for fear that her mother would confiscate her strawberry milk.

Seeing it, Yu Lan’s face looked a little better.

Although Gu Miao Miao looked honest, she couldn’t be careless.

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As for this little bean of her family, Gu Miao Miao would sell her, and she would definitely help her count the money with a smile!


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2 months ago

sigh hopefully the mom is just being cautious bc she’s concerned bout the future of her child and not being mean for more nefarious reasons

thx for the ch!