GPVTYO: Chapter-2


Teacher Xiao Zhou turned her head to Teacher Xiao Ruan and helplessly said, “You should stop messing with her in the future, you don’t know who she is??”

Teacher Xiao Ruan felt a little confused and asked, “Who is she??”

“Yu Lan! That female star who had married the big director a few years back, you know.”

Teacher Xiao Ruan suddenly realized why that woman looked a little familiar.

It had been three years since she had stopped filming, and there were rumors that director Gu Qi Zhou’s ex-wife was forced to death by that female star.

“I know I am going to pick up your eldest daughter today. What’s wrong with me picking up You You first??”

“You You isn’t your daughter?!”

“Your eldest daughter hasn’t entered the house yet, and your heart is like this?”

“You are unreasonable!!” 

After shouting angrily, Yu Lan cut off the phone.

Sitting in the co-pilot sear, You You looked at the angry Yu Lan, and cautiously smiled.

“Mom should not be angry, she will not be beautiful if she is angry.” 

Yu Lan, who was still very angry, looked at her little daughter who was laughing stupidly and hated iron for not being steel. 

Unceremoniously, she poked the little girl’s forehead and said, “You are still laughing! The little wolf cub is about to enter our house. Why I will not be angry?!” 

The three-year-old You You doesn’t understand the grievances of adults, but she understood what the little wolf cub meant.

Yu Lan had already been yelling at home for the past few days.

The little wolf cub she mentioned was the daughter of Gu Qi Zhou’s ex-wife.

After Gu Qi Zhou’s ex-wife passed away due to illness, the child’s grandmother took the daughter born to her ex-wife and had been raising her until now, for the past six years.

Hearing about the little wolf cub, You You’s eyes lit up, and she asked in a milky voice, “Is my sister coming home?”

Yu Lan became even angrier when she heard You You smoothly calling the wolf cub her sister.

“Where is your little girl’s elbow turning?? You haven’t seen your sister yet, when did you get close to her.”

You You was a little aggrieved and in a small voice said, “I have seen it.”

“Where have you seen it??”

You You seriously answered, “I saw her in a dream.”

You You didn’t lie, she had really seen her father’s other daughter in her dream.

The older sister was thin, she wore old clothes and she looked different from other children around her. The sister in the dream was very kind to her at first, and even gave her candy.

It was just that she was very bad in the dream, she knocked out that candy, and called her a hillbilly.

Yu Lan, “…”

Yu Lan helplessly looked at the silly white rabbit and pinched You You’s soft face.

“Little idiot, when did you get bad eyes?”

Hearing Yu Lan calling her “little idiot”, You You pursed her thin lips, and her black eyes became tearful like glass beads covered in water mist.

You You remembered that in kindergarten, some children would sneak up to her when the teacher wasn’t around and called her a little idiot, and pulled her hair.

In a milky voice, You You seriously said, “I am not a little idiot.”

Yu Lan was driving, so she didn’t pay attention to You You’s expression, and casually said, “Then You You is a little fool.”

“You You is not a little fool.”

Even her mother said her fool.

Feeling wronged, You You lowered her head and secretly cried but no one noticed.

After returning home, Yu Lan had no plans to pick up people. She urged the servants to prepare dinner and went upstairs to remove her makeup and change into comfortable clothes.

The gray sky gleamed faintly, and thunder exploded behind the clouds.

The rainstorm was coming.

You You was still thinking about her sister, so she chased after Yu Lan with her short legs and asked, “Won’t my mother go to pick up my sister??”

Yu Lan took off her makeup and casually replied, “No.”

Yu Lan had already asked the driver to pick up the child.

The roads in the countryside were not easy to drive. And today, the weather forecast said that it would rain heavily. 

It would take at least two hours to go back and forth. Yu Lan was spoiled and had no patience for that little wolf cub.

But You You was in a hurry, she was lying on the edge of the dressing table and smoothly shouted, “Mom is going!!”

“Mom isn’t going.” Yu Lan said again.

“Mom, go!!”

Yu Lan became a little upset by You You’s persistence and called the housemaid to take You You out.



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Aurora Butterfly 7
Aurora Butterfly 7
7 months ago

Poor You You 😢

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aww she’s so sweet tho 🥺

thx for the ch!