GPVTYO: Chapter-1


The kindergarten children who woke up after afternoon nap was all noisy, and the two teachers were busy dressing and combing the hair of those children in the small class.

Teacher Xiao Ruan was a new teacher in the Little Flower kindergarten, and she was not quite used to it yet.

Just after dressing the little girl, the little boy next to her kicked off his shoes again, and kept shaking her shoulder shouting, “Ms. Ruan, I want to pee.”

Another teacher, Xiao Zhou also came to help.

After taking the little boy to pee back, Teacher Xiao Ruan saw a cute little girl sitting on the cot quietly and was somewhat in a daze.

After the afternoon nap, the small class was chaotic like a war-hit area. She only had time to care about the other noisy children, and the little girl who didn’t make trouble was ignored by her for a while.

Teacher Xiao Ruan squatted down near the girl and in a soft voice asked, “What clothes are you wearing?”

The little girl in the baby pink coat had a small round face, a snow-white complexion, black grapes-like eyes, and her long and thick eyelashes looked like a small brush.

The little girl looked at Teacher Xiao Ruan and gave a soft “umm”.

Unbelievably so good.

The new teacher’s young heart trembled because of the cuteness of the little girl. 

After tidying up the little girl’s wrinkled clothes, Teacher Xiao Ruan brushed her hair again.

“Ms. Ruan, I just had a dream.”

You You lowered her small head and pulled the little rubber band in her hand.

Looking at the dazed child, Teacher Xiao Ruan asked with a soft smile, “What did you dream about?”

“I dreamed…I dreamed that I grew up.” 

“So, the grown-up You You must be very good, right?”

Hearing it, You You was stunned for a moment, then lowered her watery eyes, and slowly whispered, “Not good, You You is not good, You You is very bad.”

In the dream, she was tall, just like Teacher Xiao Ruan, but she was even worse than the bad women on the TV, always bullying the beautiful brothers and sisters around her.

Those beautiful brothers and sisters were so pitiful, but in the dream, she smiled very happily after bullying them. She was too bad.

The young teacher didn’t take the children’s words to heart. After combing You You’s hair, she smiled and said, “How could that be, You You is the best-behaved child in the small class, and everyone likes You You.” 


You You snapped her small fingers and said nothing.

They didn’t like her.

Every time teacher gave out cookies in the afternoon, she wouldn’t know who took the cookies, and no children would remind her, and everyone laughed at her as if she was a stupid penguin who came from the zoo.

Seeing the dazed little girl lowering her head and not speaking, Teacher Xiao Ruan sighed.

Just a few days after she arrived, she found out that You You was a good little girl, but she seemed to be a bit silly.

During the outdoor game class in the afternoon, Teacher Xiao Ruan observed the little girl. After observing she found that You You was indeed a little out of place in the class.

The child always looked dazed, and her reaction was also slow. Even when she was pushed down by other children, she didn’t cry but would get up by herself.

But the children in the small class didn’t seem to like her or want to play with her.

The cute little girl in pink stood like jade, neither crying nor making trouble, only her watery eyes looked very pitiful.

The young teacher Xiao Ruan decided to talk to You You’s parents when school was over.

When the class was over, the parents who came to pick up the students crowded the door of the classroom. 

Teacher Xiao Ruan saw a beautiful woman wearing black sunglasses walking away after picking up You You. 

The young teacher hurriedly called out, “You You’s mother…”

The beautiful woman stopped. The mobile phone in her hand indicated that she was on the phone, and she looked somewhat impatient.

“What’s up??”

Teacher Xiao Ruan blinked and felt that You You’s mother was a little familiar, but she couldn’t remember it for a while.

“It is like this. During the class these two days, I found that You You doesn’t seem to play with other children, and her reaction is also slow. I’m worried that You You will be psychologically…”

“Will it be something??” You You’s mother raised her voice and took off her sunglasses, which attracted the eyes of many parents, she impatiently said, “How are you talking like this about You You??!”

Teacher Xiao Ruan didn’t expect You You’s mother to be so angry, like a cannonball.

She was young and had just joined the kindergarten, she didn’t know how to deal with such a scene for a while.

In the end, Teacher Xiao Zhou came forward and coaxed You You’s mother away in a good voice.


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2 months ago

hopefully nothing happens to the nice teacher 😔

interested to see how this story goes! thx for translating it 🙏