SWTDM: Chapter-9 (Part-3)


Ji Yao Guang, who was full of grievances, did not dare to reach out and hug Chang Yu’s waist and seek a warm embrace. 

She could only carefully look at the cold face that was hidden in the shadows against the light. 

What was Chang Yu thinking?? Can she rely on this warmth?!

Chen Yu applied the ointment to Ji Yao Guang’s face and gently rubbed it with her fingertips. 

Gradually, the sensation on the face changed from slightly cold to hot. 

After the application, the box of ointment was put aside by Chang Yu.

Ji Yao Guang, who had just recovered from the surprise, couldn’t even grasp a corner of Chang Yu’s clothes before that person left.

Ji Yao Guang just stared at the back who was disappearing from her sight. 

When that person came, she didn’t even say a word.

If it weren’t for the hot touch on her face, Ji Yao Guang would almost have thought that she just had a hallucination.

Ji Yao Guang stared down at the ointment box for a while and thought she was going crazy.

The mobile phone ringtone reverberated in the dressing room, and Ji Yao Guang, who had finally managed to ease her emotions, glanced at the caller ID.

As she slid her fingertips to answer the call, Yu Ting’s curious and excited voice entered the eardrum. 

“Have you joined the crew? How are you and Chang Yu?? Does she still care for you?!”

“I don’t know…how to say it.” Ji Yao Guang lowered her voice and briefly told Bian Yu Ting about what had just happened in the crew today.

Hearing the full story, Bian Yu Ting’s voice came over, “What did you say?? Li Yao Yao took this as the opportunity to slap you?! And you didn’t slap her back?”

Ji Yao Guang sighed and slowly said, “No.”

Bian Yu Ting said, “What kind of thing is Shi Kai Wen? His company will be lost in his hands sooner or later. Li Yao Yao is also not a thing. A junior who was raised by Shi Kai Wen also had so many guts.” 

“I can’t bear it. Yao Yao, what’s the matter with you?? Don’t let those guys bully you just because you want to be with Chang Yu.”

Hearing it, Ji Yao Guang laughed. She had already guessed Bian Yu Ting’s reaction. 

Ji Yao Guang glanced at the door and slowly said, “In a few days, my brother will come here…”

“Yu Ting, you know me, I’m not the kind of person who has a weak temper that allows others to bully, but the time is not up for Li Yao Yao.”

When Bian Yu Ting heard Yao Guang say this, she let go of her heart, and a smile appeared in her tone, “Why, you are taking this opportunity to use a bitter trick to restore Chang Yu’s heart??” 

“She is willing to give you the ointment, it means she can’t let go of you either. Otherwise, she can just let her manager come and help you. Where is the need for her to do it herself??!”

Hearing her friend’s words, Ji Yao Guang sighed.

How could Chang Yu be anxious about her? 

After hanging up the phone, Ji Yao Guang walked out of the dressing room. 

Sister Qiao, Chang Yu’s manager was sitting next to Chang Yu while playing with her mobile phone.

And Chang Yu had already focused on the next scene, as if she hadn’t been affected by this incident. 

Ji Yao Guang was able to only feel Chang Yu’s care for her when she gently stroked her face and felt a trace of pain.

Just in an hour after that incident, Li Yao Yao’s agency posted a cryptic post.

The Little Flower Entertainment: A certain artist surnamed Ji come airborne in the crew of “Ning Chen” and clashed with the newly recruited artist. She even threatened to quit the drama. [Video][Picture]

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)


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ty for the chapter!

btw whats the update schedule? this is one of my favorite novel right now