SWTDM: Chapter-9 (Part-2)


“Director Li, I think adding the slap will enhance the scene.” Li Yao Yao’s face turned pale hearing Li Ou scolding, and the hatred in her heart grew.

But she still showed humble and cowardly behavior. 

Before Li Yao Yao could finish what she wanted to say, her agent who was  watching from the side dashed forward and said, “Director Li, I am sorry, Yao Yao didn’t understand the scene thoroughly…”

Li Ou sneered and asked, “Do you need to apologize to me?” 

Seeing a touch of dissatisfaction on Li Yao Yao’s manager’s face, Li Ou sighed again and waved his hand, “This is the end for today. Let Shi come and tell me.” 

Seeing Director Li didn’t help at all, Li Yao Yao felt angier. After she finished venting her anger, she looked back for Ji Yao Guang.

No one knew that she went into the dressing room after being slapped by Li Yao Yao.

There were no lights in the dressing room, only the faint light leaked through the door. 

Ji Yao Guang curled up on the chair, and her hands protectively wrapped around her knees. The light from the phone screen suddenly flashed, illuminating her blank eyes. 

The pale face was red and swollen, and there was a trace of pain coming from the corner of her mouth as she took a breath.

After a while, she finally laughed in a low voice. The laugh was worse than crying. 

Li Yao Yao’s unrelenting slap was nothing. What made her heartache was Chang Yu’s indifference. 

If she was a stranger…she must be able to get Chang Yu’s concern after the scene, but what about her?? 

Obviously, Chang Yu should be the closest person to her, but in the end, she was not as good as a stranger.

The depressed mood diluted the joy of seeing Chang Yu on the set, hiding in the darkness, like a half-dead person, Ji Yao Guang quietly waited to stabilize her mood.

“Ji Yao Guang—”

Ji Yao Guang thought it was annoying Cheng He Nian when she heard someone calling her name.

She pursed her lips and impatiently replied, “Stay away from me.” 

The voice disappeared, and only a slight gasp could be heard in the narrow space. 

Ji Yao Guang suddenly lost consciousness for a moment. With a clap, a dazzling light instantly poured into her eyes. 

Ji Yao Guang covered her eyes with her hand, and after a while, she turned her head to look at the person standing at the door.

With her hands encircled around her chest, and her eyebrows drooping, making others not know what she was thinking.

Ji Yao Guang didn’t expect Chang Yu to come over, even if she did desire nothing but to see her here with herself. 

Chang Yu, who was afraid of her approaching, told her to leave the crew and asked her to sign the divorce agreement.

These entangled contradictions made Ji Yao Guang’s eyes turn red. She murmured but said nothing in the end, just blankly staring at Chang Yu in a daze.

The phone rang, and Ji Yao Guang was suddenly taken aback. Seeing that the phone was about to fall, she hurriedly reached out for the phone.

Because of that, her body that was hung on the chair was a little unstable. After shaking for a while, she was finally able to stabilize herself. 

She secretly glanced at Chang Yu and saw her brows were furrowed, and her eyes were still cold without the slightest temperature. 

Ji Yao Guang couldn’t stand this awkward and dull atmosphere, she quietly muffled, “I won’t divorce you.”

Hearing it, Chang Yu shook her eyebrows but did not speak.

She slowly approached Ji Yao Guang step by step and her cool fingertips provoked Ji Yao Guang’s chin.

The slight force stained the injury on her face causing her eyes to be slightly stung by the sparkling glitter. 

Looking at Ji Yao Guang’s embarrassing appearance, Chang Yu took a step back and took out a box of ointment from her pocket.

She raised her fingertips, and slowly put her hand on Ji Yao Guang’s swollen and red face.


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