SWTDM: Chapter-9 (Part-1)


“The shooting schedule has already been set, and it’s too late to re-select the roles.” Chang Yu smiled, she reached out and stroked her hair behind her ears, and continued, “Ji Yao Guang is still better than Li Yao Yao.”

Li Ou smiled and asked, “If she joins the crew, will you bring the money to the group??” 

He also had a trace of gossip and looking at Chang Yu’s mysterious expression, he quietly asked, “Aren’t you making trouble?? It has long been spread online that you are going to be divorced. How can you still fight for a role for her again?…”

“Also, if you change Li Yao Yao to Ji Yao Guang, are you not afraid that she will be scolded by Li Yao Yao’s fans??”

Chang Yu didn’t reply. 

She simply looked at the gossiping man in front of him with a smile.

Seeing her expression, Li Ou felt numb and he shivered. He quickly responded, “I’ll talk about this later.”

The handsome young man sat under the table and caught the eyes of charming Princess Ping Yang. A meaningful smile appeared on the lips of the princess. 

She clasped one hand on the case, and casually asked, “Is this the Yun Yan Hui my brother said?”

There was also a small smile on the corners of Zhao Tian Dan’s lips. He nodded slightly and said, “My soulmate.”

Princess Ping Yang nodded and sat up straight, her eyes stayed on Yun Yan Hui’s body for a long time before she lazily said, “Play.” 

At the same time, the girl who received the wink also hurried forward. 

To fill the guests with tea. 

When the first sound came from the Guqin, the girl’s hand shook slightly. 

When the sound of cracking silk came out from the guqin, she was shocked, and subconsciously turned her head to look at the young and pure boy. 

The hot tea inadvertently splashed on the hands of Princess Ping Yang.


With a crisp sound, the angry Princess Ping Yang slapped the maid’s face.

There was sudden silence on the set.

“Cut!” Li Ou’s grumpy voice rang.

There was no such scene in the script. With the calm demeanor of Princess Ping Yang, it was definitely impossible to slap a maid.

Princess Ping Yang wasn’t the kind of vicious princess who beats and scolds people for a little thing. 

Li Yao Yao’s slap was truly on Ji Yao Guang’s face. 

When she was acting before, it was not that she had never acted in such scenes, but they all used camera positioning for effects. 

Where did she suffer such a thing?? 

Ji Yao Guang covered her face and subconsciously looked toward Chang Yu, only to see the water blinding her vision, she couldn’t see Chang Yu’s expression clearly.

“I am sorry.” Li Yao Yao shrank her head and softly said, “I didn’t mean it. I think it would be better to add this scene to the play.”

A dark, turbulent evil light flashed in her eyes. 

She thought that others had always compared her with Ji Yao Guang, and many people said that she was not as good-looking as Ji Yao Guang.

They were all people without any background. 

Why did Ji Yao Guang have a smooth journey, with Chang Yu and her agent protecting her, and she had to endure all kinds of misfortunes?? 

Once the seedlings of hatred took root and sprouted in her heart, Li Yao Yao wanted to teach Ji Yao Guang a lesson.

Ji Yao Guang didn’t say much. 

Even when she saw the triumph in Li Yao Yao’s eyes, she still maintained a kind of calm, but if you looked more closely it looked like a silence before the storm was coming. 

Li Yao Yao’s slap was not light. Ji Yao Guang made up the pretense to cover up the swelling on her face, she happened to see Chang Yu’s manager hurried outward. 

Before he could think deeply, Li Ou shouted and started shooting. 

It was the same scene when the maid splashed water on the hands of Princess Ping Yang.

Again Li Yao Yao raised her hand high. Seeing that a slap was about to be knocked down again, Ji Yao Guang suddenly strangled her wrist. 

There was a bit of fierceness in her calm eyes, Li Yao Yao looked at her, couldn’t get away, and finally, a little fear appeared in her heart. 

But who was Li Yao Yao? Was it so easy to make her admit her mistakes?? 

Li Yao Yao raised her red eyes and asked in a very aggrieved, “Sister Ji, what are you doing??”

“Li Yao Yao, what are you fooling around?” Li Ou shouted.

Yes, this scene could not be filmed anymore.

Li Ou was dissatisfied with Li Yao Yao in terms of expression and other aspects. But the mood created in this scene was better than in the first scene. 

But Li Yao Yao did it again.

Li Ou was going to be maddened by her. 

He ran all the way to the scene and yelled, “Do you think that you are very good at adding dramas without authorization?? Very assertive, Right?!”

“Are you the director or I am the director? Have you finished reading the script?? Have you studied Princess Ping Yang’s character thoroughly?? You don’t know anything about her, add a f*rt!” 

In anger, Li Ou used to speak vulgar words. He clenched his fists and the veins in his hands swelled.

Even though Li Yao Yao showed her signature soft and crying expression. There was no room for words.

“You get lost for Lao Tzu, the crew can’t accommodate such a big Buddha.”


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