SWTDM: Chapter-8 (Part-2)


The role of Princess Ping Yang was no less important than the role of Yun Yan Hui, one could say that this was the drama of the two heroines. 

It would be fine if the person forced into the crew had to play an unimportant role, but for such a strong role as the second female lead, it would be difficult.

It took a long time for Li Ou to hold the anger, but when he couldn’t see it anymore, he scolded Li Yao Yao directly.

After scolding, he didn’t even turn his head to look at Li Yao Yao and immediately went to the side to call. 

The atmosphere in the crew suddenly fell silent, and only a few people weren’t affected by it.

“I bet 50 dollars that Li Yao Yao will be replaced.” Cheng He Nian spoke again.

Ji Yao Guang lightly responded, “Doesn’t she have a backer??”

Cheng He Nian nodded slowly and said, “But she can’t be helped. Hey, if Li Yao Yao is replaced, who will be the new second female lead?”

“It won’t be me anyway.” Ji Yao Guang murmured, and her eyes unhurriedly moved with Chang Yu’s figure. 

Ji Yao Guang couldn’t wait to immediately stick to Chang Yu’s side, but the reality was far from imagination. She could only sit far from her.

After a while, when she couldn’t see Chang Yu’s figure, her eyes glanced around. And by coincidence, she suddenly caught a glimpse of the scene where Li Yao Yao was scolding her assistant.

“Tsk tusk, if this scene is filmed and put on the Internet, her pure white flower set up will collapse.” Cheng He Nian followed Ji Yao Guang’s gaze and said amusedly.

Ji Yao Guang lazily replied, “Take out your phone and take a picture. Don’t you like watching the show?”

“People are popular, I am afraid of being drowned by her fans.” Cheng He Nian’s eyes glanced around, and she naturally understood Ji Yao Guang’s meaning. 

She smiled and added, “I just said it casually in private. There shouldn’t be many people who can record this, right? It is fine if you don’t post it on the Internet and just record it privately for fun. But it’s not the same if you take a photo and post it on the Internet. The fire will be too big, I can’t control it.”

Ji Yao Guang smiled and replied: “I can’t either.”

When the crew reported this incident to Li Ou. Li Ou became even more annoyed with Li Yao Yao’s affairs.

After hanging up the phone, he smoked a cigarette and turned his head. He saw Chang Yu approaching him.

Li Ou pinched the cigarette and took a deep breath, trying to make his expression less ferocious.

“Director Li intends to change the actor?” Chang Yu straightforwardly asked.  

The two have already cooperated before and knew each other.

Since Chang Yu knew, Li Ou didn’t hide his true thoughts and replied, “I thought Li Yao Yao could be saved but seeing her like this, there is no way. She will only hinder the crew’s progress.”

“At the beginning, I didn’t want her to play the role of Princess Ping Yang. It’s no use regretting it now. This time I have made up my mind that even if the investor divests, I have to replace her.”, Li Ou said.

Chang Yu nodded and asked, “How can we suppress the public opinion then??”

This was also an annoying thing for Li Ou. 

The list of actors had already been confirmed. If there was no reasonable explanation, and they just say that Li Yao Yao wasn’t good at acting so they have to change it, they would be scolded.

Especially by Li Yao Yao’s fans!

But Li Ou didn’t worry about it for long, but instead, he turned the topic and asked, “Who do you think is suitable to play Princess Ping Yang? I have asked Sheng Tao, and Shen Han Sheng, but their schedule is not free.” 

If it weren’t for the delay in finding a suitable candidate, or when the investor stuffed Li Yao Yao in, he would have auditioned her.

Chang Yu looked at Li Ou calmly, and faintly replied, “Ji Yao Guang.”

Li Ou stared at Chang Yu abruptly and was even more surprised to see that she wasn’t joking. 

Li Ou looked at Chang Yu, and the lightness in his words went away and he said, “I don’t need to speak about Ji Yao Guang’s acting skills. Chang Yu, don’t open the back for her just because she belongs to your family.”

Li Ou continued, “I don’t think Ji Yao Guang can do it. But then again, she is also talented. Although she had selected a bad drama, sometimes her acting skills can really inspire people. It’s a pity that she only focused on that face. If she works hard, it won’t be like this.” Li Ou’s words still contained a little regret. 

Originally Li Ou was actually very optimistic about Ji Yao Guang, otherwise, he would not criticize her acting skills. It was a pity that the mud couldn’t support a brick wall.


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