SWTDM: Chapter-8 (Part-1)


The appearance of Sister Qiao eased Chang Yu’s embarrassment. 

Chang Yu calmly glanced at Ji Yao Guang, the two of them didn’t know what to say to each other.

After a moment of daze, Chang Yu said, “The scene is not over there yet, I have a  scene with Li Yao Yao.” 

Looking at the number of retakes Li Yao Yao and Jiang Huai needed to take before getting approval, Chang Yu felt a little impatient.

Chang Yu rubbed her temples, stopped staring at Ji Yao Guang, and walked towards Director Li.

Ji Yao Guang looked down at her hand and smiled. Chang Yu’s strength wasn’t strong, the soft-touch felt like the spring breeze. 

Some habits were truly carved into the bones that would never change. 

Chang Yu wasn’t as harsh as she had imagined, was she?!

After herself comfort for a while, Ji Yao Guang sat down honestly, and again started staring at Chang Yu intently.

Chang Yu was busy reading the script while wearing her costume, and Li Yao Yao and Jiang Huai were still redoing the scene in front of the camera. 

Director Li was standing behind the camera and roaring at them from time to time. The intensity of the roar could show that his endurance had reached its limit. 

Sometimes Jiang Huai would forget the action, or sometimes Li Yao Yao would forget her lines, or they both forget to manage their expressions.

The character of princess Ping Yang was originally decisive and deep-minded but because of Li Yao Yao’s acting, it had changed to a fragile and pure white flower role. 

A fragile character like this, how could Princess Ping Yang help the crown prince?!

“Actually, both of them look good on camera, but their stiff movements and rigid expressions are helping them.” 

A voice came from behind her when Ji Yao Guang tilted her head and glanced, and it was the mysterious Cheng He Nian standing near her.

Cheng He Nian sat down and leaned back on her chair while mercilessly lashing out, she said, “Li Yao Yao character set up is a pure white flower. She is only suitable to play that brainless big beauty, like the role of a soft female lead in an overbearing school drama with her Virgin Mary face.”

While still criticizing, Cheng He Nian said,  “Oh yeah, she had said no to those dramas. Do you know she is Li Bin’s younger sister?! Although Li Bin is a talented person, he doesn’t have that much weight in the circle to put Li Yao Yao inside this crew, it was Shi Kai Wen who has helped her.”

Shi Kai Wen was the boss of ‘Huahan Media’, it was one of the four major agencies in the entertainment circle. 

In addition to Ji Yao Guang’s agency, ‘Tang Media’, there were three other media companies, Huahan Media, Tianguan Media, and Tianzhu Media. 

In recent years, Huahan Media had fallen a bit, but it had produced many movie emperors and queens. Even though Huahan Media was on the decline, no one dared not despise it.

Ji Yao Guang frowned and lightly glanced at Cheng He Nian, the person continued to gossip with immense interest, “Shi Kai Wen is the boss of Huahan Media. It was his wife’s company, but now he has the managing power of the company. The entire company followed his words, so he had become courageous.”

Cheng He Nian continued, “There are talks that he has dubious relationships with many artists under Huahan Media. And of course, his current favorite is Li Yao Yao.”

Being in the circle, Ji Yao Guang had also heard some of this gossip, but usually, people talked about it quietly for fear that someone would hear it.

There were really not many, who were as unobtrusive as Cheng He Nian. No wonder she couldn’t mix in the music industry. 

Ji Yao Guang didn’t like Li Yao Yao, but she was more indifferent to strangers.

She simply scanned Cheng He Nian and coldly asked, “Are you done?!”

Cheng He Nian heard Ji Yao Guang’s cold voice and instantly slid her hand over her mouth, and made a zipper movement. And started to honestly watch other actors’ performances.

This scene was very simple. In this scene, prime minister Zhao Tian Dan smiled and told Princess Ping Yang about the story of Yun Yan Hui smashing the guqin, and reading the poems. 

Countless scholars came to pay respects to Princess Ping Yang, and countless more whose stories she had heard. 

But hearing the story of Yun Yan, her emotions were also slightly affected, from the initial indifference to a hint of interest, and then finally returning to indifference again, but this indifference was a little different from the previous one. 

Princess Ping Yang’s curiosity had long been obliterated by the cold and ruthless palace.

Even if she had a slight interest in the thing, it would quickly be subconsciously suppressed.


A loud sound like a roar rang in the studio, even Ji Yao Guang who was sitting slightly far from the scene was taken aback. 

Ji Yao Guang hurriedly looked towards Director Li, who had aggressively strode forward to Li Yao Yao, who was looking pale.

While walking near her, Director Li cursed, “What’s wrong with you?! You can’t even remember a simple line? Is it hard to just move your mouth? In your high school class, did you pour water in your brain while performing any science experiment, so that now it is flowing out through your eyes?!!” 

Director Li Ou’s bad temper was a well-known thing. This ruthless and strong curse made Li Yao Yao cry. 

Originally, Jiang Huai, who was standing on the side, wanted to beg for mercy, but after looking at Li Ou’s bad face, he shuddered and shut up.



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