SWTDM: Chapter-7 I’m Wrong (Part-3)


Looking at the crowd, Yun Yan Hui smiled slightly. 

Holding the Guqin, and he loudly said, “A certain untalented person, since entering the capital, wrote many poems and essays but get rejected everywhere, no one appreciated it. This Guqin is used by talented musicians, how dare I use it?!”

As his voice fell, Yun Yan Hui unhurriedly smashed the Guqin into smashed to pieces.

Before everyone recovered, those poems were spread around the capital.

Within a day, Yun Yan Hui’s name became famous inside the imperial capital.

Chang Yu’s acting skills were unquestionable. 

After the first scene, it was Jiang Huai’s part. This Jiang Huai was a newcomer, he came from the same company as Ji Yao Guang. 

He had a smiling face, and because of that, he had created an image of a sunny boy. ‘Ning Chen’ was also his first film.

He was going to play the role of Zhao Tian Dan, the prime minister that had played a very important role in Yun Yan Hui’s official career.

If the prime minister hadn’t recommended him to Princess Ping Yang, Yun Yan Hui would have to take many detours before reaching that position. 

Ji Yao Guang’s mind was stuck on Chang Yu’s body. She quietly set aside and twisted her body for a while, always feeling a little impatient. 

As soon as Yao Guang looked up, she saw Chang Yu was walking towards her dressing room. Seeing that, she hurriedly followed but was blocked by someone.


For a moment, Ji Yao Guang was taken aback, then she pleasantly smiled, and pleaded in a low voice, “Sister Qiao, please let me go in. I will not disturb her, I will just watch her. “

Sister Qiao frowned, and hurriedly pulled Ji Yao Guang’s wrist, and dragged her to the side and with some impatience and asked, “When will you make people feel relieved?!” 

Sister Qiao was strong, Ji Yao Guang couldn’t get away, and in the end, she could only follow her.

“Sorry, I was wrong…” Ji Yao Guang lowered her head and stared at her toes. She unambiguously acknowledged her mistake.

Seeing Ji Yao Guang’s pitiful appearance, Sister Qiao was about to laugh because of the anger.

Sister Qiao’s eyebrows frowned, and with gritted teeth, she said, “You think Chang Yu likes Zhao Qing? Why do you believe in everything, and eat all the vinegar?! Why don’t you look at yourself? Always in the bad news?! After working a full day, she had to return home and wait for you. Because of your naive, princess-like temperament, not to mention Chang Yu, many times even I feel tired.”

Was she so bad? Ji Yao Guang murmured, but when she saw Sister Qiao’s prickly eyes, she suddenly lost all her confidence to question.

She and Chang Yu always had a lot of disagreements.

In the end, it was only Chang Yu who would unilaterally accommodate her.

She had always asked Chang Yu to correct her behavior, but she never checked herself.

Ji Yao Guang tended to make trouble unreasonably.

Hearing too many people wanted them to separate, seeing too many people who disliked them as a couple, she was afraid that their relationship would go down that dark road.

“Why are you so distracted today?” Sister Qiao stretched out her other hand and shook it before Ji Yao Guang’s dazed eyes.

“What?” Ji Yao Guang’s mind was still in a state of confusion.

Sister Qiao rolled her eyes and was about to speak when she heard Chang Yu’s voice.

Before she could react Ji Yao Guang had already dashed out and walked in front of Chang Yu.

Chang Yu was still wearing the costume, but the makeup was removed.

Seeing Ji Yao Guang coming towards her, she instantly returned to the cold look. 

Ji Yao Guang’s body shook under the cold gaze. She covered her lips and pretended to let out a dry cough. 

But, she didn’t know how to talk to Chang Yu, she subconsciously bit her nails.

That was Ji Yao Guang’s habitual movement and this was what Chang Yu didn’t like to see the most.

Chang Yu patted away Ji Yao Guang’s hand and said, “Don’t…” before reprimanding, she stopped. 

Chang Yu realized that she and Ji Yao Guang was still in the cold war.

Seeing her, Chang Yu felt a little gloomy in her heart and her expression turned colder than before.

“It’s over?!” Sister Qiao asked while walking towards them, breaking the stagnant atmosphere that was created around them.



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