SWTDM: Chapter-7 I’m Wrong (Part-2)


Meanwhile, the rumors circulating on the internet were becoming more and more outrageous.

When Ji Yao Guang saw the impatient look on Chang Yu’s face, she hurriedly lowered her head and pretended to be busy playing games on her phone.

While battling with boredom, Ji Yao Guang opened her Weibo account and saw a new round of fire had come.

After flipping through the comments, she finally found the newest black material on her.

It was her photo and that too a blurry one!

The photo was a sneak shot taken by someone from the crew when she was standing near Chang Yu and was uploaded a few moments ago.

The title of the photo was “The Vase and The Goddess.”

Ji Yao Guang resisted the strong urge to curse the melon-eating netizens.

She rubbed her hair and repeated quite a few times to herself that she would not get angry over stupid things.

Even though she had experienced all these in her previous life but looking at those comments again, she found her psychological construction was almost gone.

What was she doing?! This wouldn’t work!

Ji Yao Guang cursed herself and put her phone into her pants pocket. 

Everything was ready and the shooting of the first scene was about to start. 

Chang Yu walked wearing a pale blue gown, and with her makeup, she was giving a romantic yet elegant scholar feeling. 

The coldness and indifference of Chang Yu were long being replaced by the determination and stubbornness of Yun Yan Hui.

The scene that was to be filmed today was that Yun Yan was coming to the capital for the first time.

In just a few days, she had understood the embarrassment and loneliness of having no one to support in the capital. 

But Yun Yan Hui wasn’t like an ordinary person, she thought of an idea to make herself famous in the capital. 

It was the month of December and the capital was covered by snow. The snow on the ground was imprinted by chaotic footprints of horse-drawn carriages.

The pedestrians were walking in rush, and from time to time stretched their hands to breathe and shrink their heads in their collars. 

The street was quiet, but the tavern near the street was very loud. People were carrying baskets either buying or selling different things and some were even playing.

Among them, there was an old man who was sitting near the center of the tavern and selling Guqin. 

Yun Yan looked at Guqin for a long time, and then in a calm voice asked, “How much does this Guqin cost?”

The old man rolled his eyes at her and lazily replied, “A thousand gold coins.” 

The old man’s reply caused an uproar in the crowd. 

Even though it was a good Guqin, it was not worth the price. A thousand gold coins were too much to ask for.

Without speaking a word the scholar purchased the Guqin.

Yun Yan looked at the crowd and loudly said, “I am good at playing the Guqin, please come back tomorrow to listen to me.” 

“Cut! Pass.” Li Ou’s words suddenly fell. 

Before Ji Yao Guang could stare at Chang Yu’s face, the shooting of the second scene started.

The scene of the second shot was still the same, the only difference was that the snow had stopped and the old man who had sold the Guqin at the sky-high price to Yan Yun was also gone.


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