SWTDM: Chapter-7 I’m Wrong (Part-1)


Cheng He Nian wasn’t interested in Chang Yu.

She was deliberately teasing Ji Yao Guang who was trying to act distant while she was trying to talk with her. 

But, she was curious about their relationship. She wanted to know that how those two who always sprinkle dog food on others had decided to calmly quit their marriage. 

This divorce didn’t seem like an easy decision for them to make. Ji Yao Guang was still looking unwilling to leave Chang Yu.

Ji Yao Guang even came on the set to chase her wife.

Cheng He Nian couldn’t stop herself and blew a whistle, but she immediately became embarrassed because of it. 

As her old problem acted, she hurriedly put candy in her mouth to stop herself. This was her age-old technique to stop herself from doing idiotic deeds.

‘Ning Chen’ was a novel-adapted movie. The main character of the book was Yun Yan Hui, a female protagonist who came from a family of scholars and officials.

Her parents were falsely accused and removed from their posts. Because of that, she had to disguise herself as a man and went to the capital to take the imperial exam.

While relying on herself, she climbed into a high position in the government. This novel was the story of the struggles and achievements of the female protagonist.

She allied with Princess Ping Yang and slowly reached the top position in the imperial capital while going through treacherous and selfish officials of the imperial court.

The movie made from this novel was more of an intense palace drama than that of a soft idol drama. 

With a director like Li Ou and a protagonist like Chang Yu, this movie was destined to become a blockbuster after the release.

But, Ji Yao Guang was drowning in her own problem. She hadn’t watched this drama in her last life, so she didn’t know the plot well. And she had to act well to stay in the crew.

In the past life, her acting skills were not very good, and she was in a good place in the industry mainly because of the protection given by Chang Yu to her in the industry.  

With Chang Yu’s help, she had smooth sailing in the grey waters of the entertainment industry. 

It was only after their divorce when Chang Yu had quit the industry that she started working on her acting and slowly polished her skills.

Because of the divorce, she channeled her inner pain and anger into motivation and started learning to act from scratch.

Later, her hard work paid and her acting skills improved. 

In this movie, she was playing the role of the maid serving tea to Princess Ping Yang. 

When King Xiang recommended the female protagonist, Yun Yan who was disguised as a male to Princess Ping Yang, the maid-servant’s hand who was listening to Yun Yan’s song on guqin trembled and she spilled the hot water on the Princess.

To save the unknown maid-servant the protagonist played another song on the guqin. 

Ji Yao Guang was satisfied with her role, and this small interaction with Chang Yu on the stage was a very awaited moment in her mind.

Ji Yao Guang didn’t need to always remain on the set to play the role, but to look at Chang Yu more freely she remained on the set all the time. 

Even if the role played by Ji Yao Guang was small, no one on the set dared to question or belittle her.

Even if she had no assistant around her, some crew members willingly served her tea and water without targeting her.



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2 years ago

She’s just meeting all of the promising actresses, huehuehue. And she seems to have her wife’s attention too, good for her. I mean unless Chang Yu was looking at Cheng He Nian… Thanks for the chapters o7