SWTDM: Chapter-6 Are You Here To Chase Your Wife (Part-3)


Ji Yao Guang heard some noise, when she turned her head she found a very beautiful woman sitting next to her.

While being beautiful the woman was also giving a vibe of being unruly and frivolous. There was a rebellious smile on her face.

The noise around Ji Yao Guang slowly died down and the crew-member got busy with their work.

The woman leaned towards her and in a gossip tone asked, “Are you here to chase your wife?”

Looking at the appearance of this woman, she should be an actor. Ji Yao Guang wasn’t very familiar with the cast and crew of this movie, so she didn’t have any idea who this woman was?

Ji Yao Guang looked at the woman who had approached her but she didn’t answer the question this woman had asked.

Ji Yao Guang thought after feeling her displeasure, this woman would leave. She took a step aside to show her meaning more clearly to this woman.

But the woman came forward and extended her hand for hand-shake and generally said, “Cheng He Nian, I am a group performer in the crew.”

Why would such a beautiful woman work as a group performer? 

This was such a pity, a beautiful talent like her maybe didn’t get a good agent. If her agent was capable, this woman would create some storm in the entertainment industry.

Ji Yao Guang looked at the stretched hand of the woman, when she suddenly spoke in shock, “Cheng He Nian?”

“Yes, my name is Cheng He Nian.” Without any embarrassment, she took her hands back.

Ji Yao Guang had never met this woman, before, she only knew the name of this woman.

Bai Yu Ting had spoken about her, this woman was a prodigal child in the field of music. 

She went to study abroad at the age of 18, after coming back she had already won many music-industry-based awards.

Many people said she would be the new ‘Queen’ of the music industry.

But, Cheng He Nian fell from her altar, and that too because of her careless mouth and sharp tongue.

A senior of Cheng He Nian once said, “It is a pity that you are not an actor with such a beautiful face.”

Cheng He Nian replied, “It is a pity you are still on earth with such a long tongue.”

She had angered many people over the years.

Bai Yu Ting wanted to sign Cheng He Nian, but Cheng He Nian didn’t give her any face and ruthlessly said no.

Being stared at by Ji Yao Guang, Cheng He Nian sullenly introduced herself again but this time more elaborately, and said, “I am a group performer, I like modern dramas..” 

Ji Yao Guang was speechless, she didn’t know how to handle this, so she looked towards Director Li Ou who was busy talking with Chang Yu.

Moreover, this woman kept leaning on her, and she asked, “Are you truly broken up with Cheng Yu? You came here to chase her.”

While looking at Ji Yao Guang’s anxious eyes, Cheng He Nian joked and said, “If you two ever break up, you have to remember and announce the news to me first, I want to chase Goddess Chang!”

Hearing those words, Ji Yao Guang immediately got angry and said, “You won’t get a chance.”

Why was everyone in this crew so annoying, firstly Li Yao Yao now this Cheng He Nian?

Ji Yao Guang was getting anxious again, but after looking in Chang Yu’s direction, she found Chang Yu was looking at her.

Seeing this, Yao Guang’s anger immediately disappeared and her heart started screaming – Chang Yu was looking at her!

It didn’t matter if this matter was intentional or coincidental. Ji Yao Guang was very happy.


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