SWTDM: Chapter-6 Are You Here To Chase Your Wife (Part-2)


Ji Yao Guang felt frustrated over Chang Yu’s indifferent attitude. But, she was unwilling to surrender.

She clenched her fist and cheered herself up.

And tried to gather her energy. 

Suddenly, she felt someone was patting her on the shoulder gently, Ji Yao Guang became shocked and turned around to look.

Her agent Su Ci was standing behind her.

Su Ci was going to come over after finishing her talk with the director, but she found Ji Yao Guang was going to Chang Yu, so she decided to give them space and started playing games on her mobile phone faraway from them.

But the result was different, she found her artist was unable to chase her wife. 

“I won’t be able to stay here. I am going back to the company.” Su Ci said.

After a moment she added, “Should I arrange an assistant for you first?”

Ji Yao Guang blinked and said, “Don’t you feel tired by acting like an old mother all the time?”

Su Ci was suffocated after hearing Yao Guan’s words.

After a while, Su Ci helplessly said, “If you don’t want an assistant then forget about it.”

There would be time to find one for her in the future.

Ji Yao Guang didn’t like anyone entering her home or approaching her, so she didn’t want an assistant.

Moreover, she had to keep a respectful distance from women. Her relationship with Chang Yu was already in turmoil, she didn’t want to add more to that.

Ji Yao Guang liked using Weibo to pass her time.

Director Li Ou was already giving instructions to few leads. Ji Yao Guang had not a thing to do, so she started using a mobile phone.

Ji Yao Guang’s arrival in the crew had created some gossip. She had always been a controversial thing in the entertainment circle.

This time she was on the hot search list for three days.

Ji Yao Guang suddenly saw an article with a headline as ‘Ji Yao Guang joined the crew to act as a passerby in the new movie.’

Ji Yao Guang started reading comments under the article.

“Ji Yao Guang is just like a vase but yet a very beautiful vase. How come she could do a passerby role and that too in Chang Yu’s movie. Is something wrong with the editor? Although there is some problem going on between her and Goddess Chang maybe she is there chasing her wife.”

Ji Yao Guang read the comment and laughed at it. 

Wasn’t this the truth?

She had come here to chase her wife. But Chang Yu was still indifferent to her. 



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