SWTDM: Chapter-6 Are You Here To Chase Your Wife (Part-1)


While standing beside Chang Yu, Josie saw Ji Yao Guang coming over and said, “Someone from your family is chasing you.”

Josie squinted her eyes and revealed a smile. She was Chang Yu’s agent and assistant. She was also Chang Yu’s good friend.

Josie was very much clear about Chang Yu and Ji Yao Guang’s personal life. 

Chang Yu’s always made her worried at work. Every day at seven o’clock, Chang Yu would pack up and go home.

Josie looked at Ji Yao Guang and whispered, “Yao Guang is not bad. You have a desk full of paper related to her, I know you can’t let it go. Why don’t you give your relationship another chance?”

Josie’s voice got smaller and smaller as Chang Yu stared at her with her cold eyes.

When Ji Yao Guang approached, Josie happily left to give both of them some personal space. As for causing trouble on set, she had full faith in Chang Yu’s professionalism. 

“What are you trying to do?” Chang Yu asked in a no-nonsense voice.

She had already got the news of Ji Yao Guang joining the set, as early as she had approached the director.

Chang Yu knew about all the characters in the crew, big or small. 

She had last heard from Ji Yao Guang on that call. At that time, listening to Yao Guang’s cry she was barely able to resist the desire to go back home to her.

She knew Yao Guang was not someone who cried easily. Chang Yu felt very distressed while listening to her cries.

But today looking at her bright smiling face there wasn’t a slight sign of sadness.

Chang Yu signed in her heart, she was both happy and unhappy at the same time while looking at her bright face.

Luckily she could control her facial expression well and Yao Guang wasn’t able to find any difference.

Ji Yao Guang sneered and thought ‘What am I doing, don’t you know?’ 

But, she didn’t dare to speak it out loud.

She suppressed her smile and tried to appear less imposing and said, “Acting.”

Chang Yu couldn’t help but ask, “Acting? Do you mean acting as a passerby ‘XYZ’ in this movie?”

Chang Yu didn’t know what Yai Guang’s agent was thinking by choosing such a meager role for her to play.

How could Ji Yao Guang play the role of a maid at this point of time in her career?

Ji Yao Guang entered the entertainment industry for acting, but after a while, she relied on her face to move forward. 

She didn’t want to learn acting or more like she didn’t care much about acting.

Chang Yu always wanted to know, why did Ji Yao Guang enter the circle if she had no care for acting?

Chang Yu felt a deep sense of helplessness looking at Ji Yao Guang. 

She swallowed back her words, this was not a place to speak about it. After a while her heart became balanced. 

Chang Yu took a deep breath and left without waiting for Ji Yao Guang to answer her back.



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2 years ago

Thank you for the chapter..just 72 more………….