SWTDM: Chapter-5 I Lack Everything, Just Don’t Lack Money (Part-2)


Ji Yao Guang’s acting talent was very bad, but because of her face, she was able to cause some uproar wherever she went. 

Ji Yao Guang was a superior class of vase in the entertainment industry. Even though she couldn’t act but she could still rely on her face to survive in the circle.

As soon as she entered the crew, Ji Yao Guang noticed many people were staring at her. 

Yao Guang didn’t feel any discomfort because of this, as a public figure, she had learned to live under the public’s eyes ever since she had entered this circle. 

Ji Yao Guang removed her sunglasses and smiled at the crew members. Most people smiled back politely at her and some even came to say her hello. 

But, only Chang Yu ignored her with a cold face as if she hadn’t seen her yet.

Su Ci was greeting director Li Ou, who had a very bad face and only bothered to say few words to her after all Ji Yao Guang had forcefully entered the crew.

This drama didn’t have many female roles, while looking at Ji Yao Guang many people guessed that she was here to replace Li Yao Yao.

Was the rumor on the internet true? 

In the movie ‘Ning Chen’ other than the role of the heroine Yun Yan Hui, the role of the second female lead was most stunning. The second female lead character was a noble princess, who had learned ruthlessness in the court. 

Would Li Yao Yao able to play this cold-blooded noble role? Li Yao Yao had always played sweet next door girl roles.

The second female role was fixed from the beginning, Li Bin the screenwriter of this movie ‘Ning Chen’ was her brother. He even had a good friendship with Li Ou. 

But this relationship was maybe not enough to able to enter the crew and act with Chang Yu.

Li Yao Yao who was sitting arrogantly on the side knew how she had entered the crew. The gazes of the crew people were like a knife that pierced her heart. 

Li Yao Yao looked at Ji Yao Guang and thought except being more beautiful, Yao Guang couldn’t compare to her. 

Like everyone, she also felt that Ji Yao Guang was just a beautiful vase, and she was in no way inferior to Ji Yao Guang in acting, but still, people always compared her to Ji Yao Guang on Weibo.

Li Yao Yao was frustrated because of this. She looked jealously towards Ji Yao Guang.

Li Yao Yao flustered and thought, did Ji Yao Guang come to grab her role?

Li Yao Yao smiled delicately towards Ji Yao Guang.

When Ji Yao Guang saw such a weak and innocent smile, she frowned. She had never liked this kind of soft and fake person. 

After suspiciously watching Li Yao Yao for a while, Ji Yao Guang peeked at Chang Yu. 

Many people wanted to strike a conversation with Chang Yu who was sitting with her agent, but we’re scared away by her cold aura.

“Sister Ji.” Li Yao Yao suddenly pretentiously called her. 

In the entertainment industry, it was common to call ‘sister’ to the senior actor, Ji Yao Guang was accustomed to this kind of title.

But, when she heard this from Li Yao Yao’s mouth, she felt her ears were stabbed.

Ji Yao Guang almost choked, but still tried to maintain her elegance and stared at Li Yao Yao in contempt.

After becoming famous, everyone had always shown a good face and excitement towards Li Yao Yao, but watching Ji Yao Guang’s indifferent attitude, she became unhappy.

Li Yao Yao still tried to maintain her weak smile and while looking pitiful said, “Sister Ji, have you come here to visit Sister Chang? I know all the online rumors are false about you.”

Ji Yao Guang frowned and replied impatiently, “I am here to act.”

Li Yao Yao was slightly frightened. She tried to pretend to be excited and asked, “Sister Ji, what mysterious role are you acting in this movie?”

“A maid.” Ji Yao Guang hurriedly replied and moved forward, when she saw Cheng Yu was getting up from her chair.


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