She Wants To Divorce Me

She Wants To Divorce Me [SWTDM]

Alternate Name: 她要跟我离婚
Author: 封刃作书
Genre: modern, gl(yuri), reborn protagonist
Total chapters: 78 Chapters
Translator: littleFowerX


After waking up Ji Yao Guang found out that she had returned to the day of her and Chang Yu’s divorce.

Ji Yao Guang didn’t want to sign the divorce agreement and divorce her beloved wife.

Reporter A asked, “Ms. Ji, We have learned that you and Chang Yu are getting divorced?”

Ms. Ji angrily seized the reporter’s microphone and replied, “Even if the whole world gets destructed, Chang Yu and I will not get a divorce.”

Reporter B asked, “How does Miss Chang want to reply to Ms. Ji Yao Guang’s love confession?”

Chang Yu replied, “Have you heard it.”

Everyone reacted, “No, we haven’t heard anything.”

{Chapters are split in Translation.}

Table of Content

Chapter-1 [ Part-1 ][ Part-2 ]
Chapter-2 [ Part-1 ][ Part-2 ]
Chapter-3 [ Part-1 ][ Part-2 ]
Chapter-4 [ Part-1] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-5 [Part-1] [Part-2]
Chapter-6 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-7 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-8 [Part-1] [Part-2]
Chapter-9 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-11 [Part-1] [Part-2]
Chapter-11 [Part-1] [Part-2]

Chapter-12 [Part-1] [Part-2]

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