Rebirth-First Class Magician [RFCM] (DROPPED)

Author: Feng Chui Nan Fang
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: BL
Total Chapters: 87 Chapters

Translator: bigCat


Mu Yuan was a third-rate magician, who had tragically died, was then reborn.

Despite he had to sell his soul in exchange for a body. This was not much of a bad deal, his new identity as a bloodsucker with supernatural powers was very cool.

If he would practice, he could even rose up to the ranks of the first-class magician.

Thinking rationally, this new life of his should be very interesting with such a powerful identity.

But, he would never have imagined that his master who was very powerful would become utterly possessive of him.

His master would like to use his magic to track him down, firstly by acting as his butler who cared about his daily necessities, and then by pretending to be an abandoned child looking for paternal love!

You are not allowed to drink blood from others. Even when you were hungry, sucking the blood of other people was absolutely prohibited.

“Why? What should I drink then?!”, he slightly protests.

“I have unlimited blood, and you can drink it whenever you want it.”

(The book has been dropped.)

Table of Content

Chapter-1 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-2 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-3 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ] [ Part-3 ]
Chapter-4 [Part-1] [Part-2]

For reader’s if interested there is mtl (machine translation) version available – HERE

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