OWDWT: Chapter-7


Hearing a sound of a bang, Ji Lian Huo lowered his head and saw the aluminum lunch box had fallen from his hand.

Ji Lian Huo’s hands were inexplicably shaking, and he squatted down to clean up the mess.

This was Uncle Yu’s lunch box, not his own.

Wang Zhao Mou got out of the car, and when he was about to go to the wine party with President Zhang he heard a sound from behind him.

Old Qi quickly stopped in front of Wang Zhao Mou and looked alertly at the source of the sound. 

Wang Zhao Mou turned around and saw an honest-looking old man standing across the street.

With a slight smile at the old man, Wang Zhao Mou patted Lao Qi on the shoulder, and under the warm reception of the two bar managers, he walked into the night bar.

“Master Wang, President Zhang is already waiting for you in the box.” The bar manager smiled brightly, and said, “The boss specially told me to entertain you today.”

“Today is to talk about business matters.” Wang Zhao Mou smiled politely and glanced over the hall.

It was not the time for the nightlife, there were only a few young people in the hall, busy playing poker and drinking.

“Send them a drink.” Wang Zhao Mou glanced at a few young people from a distance and then turned to enter the box.

Mr. Zhang had been sitting here for a while. There were more than a dozen empty bottles on the table and two waitresses were standing behind him.

“Come on, have a drink. Don’t be awkward!” Mr. Zhang’s face was flushed, and he embraced a waitress, rubbing the wine glass with one hand, while the other kept pushing the glass to the waitress’s mouth.

“You have already sold me so much wine. Then why don’t you take the initiative to order it for yourself?”

“Boss, I only sell wine…and there are patients in my family…” The waitress had messy hair and reddened cheeks. She had already drank a lot.

Seeing the scene, Wang Zhao Mou glanced at Old Qi sideways, and Old Qi understood it.

He stepped forward and grabbed Mr. Zhang’s wrist. With his iron hoop-like grip, he pulled the waitress in Mr. Zhang’s arms out.

“Mr. Zhang, you are drunk.”

“Ah…ah.” Mr. Zhang gave Old Qi a sideways glance, stood up with a big smile, and looked at Wang Zhao Mou.

“Look at me, I didn’t pay attention. Zhou Mou, you are here.”

Wang Zhao Mou smiled slightly and politely said, “Mr. Zhang.”

“Come, come, have a drink!” Mr. Zhang’s face stumbled on Wang Zhao Mou’s shoulder, and said, “I tell you, out of the three children, I have confidence in you. The Wang family is in your hands, and will definitely be able to prosper well!”

“Mr. Zhang didn’t bring anyone today??” Wang Zhao Mou looked around, but he didn’t see the two bodyguards that Mr. Zhao usually had.

“Are you afraid of bad things? Let them play in the next box.” Mr. Zhang smiled and looked at the waitress standing next to him, and said, “You have to have fun when you go out to play, don’t you??”

“Old Qi, go and have a look next door.” Wang Zhao Mou’s face was as usual indifferent, he added, “Please greet President Zhang’s bodyguard for me too.”

Old Qi nodded, opened the door, and left quickly.

“Zhao Mou, come here. Have a drink, first. They say that your drinking capacity is poor, I absolutely don’t believe it.” 

Mr. Zhang squinted and poured wine for Wang Zhao Mou himself, and added, “I and your father are old friends, for this, you have to respect me, right??”

Wang Zhao Mou smiled, his slender fingers picked up the wine that Mr. Zhang had poured, and looked down for a moment as if he was waiting for something.

“You are a man, drink it!” Mr. Zhang raised his hand and drank the wine.

“Mr. Zhang, I have something to tell you.” Wang Zhao Mou was in no hurry to drink. He looked at the carved glass wine glass and shook the drink inside.

“I know!” President Zhang came to the spirit, and said, “Isn’t it because your drinking capacity is poor, I don’t mind!”

“If something happens…I will be responsible for it!” President Zhang patted his chest and assured him.

Seeing that Wang Zhao Mou hadn’t raised his glass yet, President Zhang raised his brows and felt a little unhappy.

“I just picked up seventy million orders for your Wang family, and you don’t even want to drink a glass of wine for me??” 

The room’s door suddenly opened, and Old Qi walked in. Just as Mr. Zhang was about to ask, Wang Zhao Mou neatly took half a glass of wine and drank it in three or four seconds.

“That’s right…”

Before Mr. Zhang could finish speaking, he saw Wang Zhao Mou dropping the wine glass heavily on the table.


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