Old Wang Doesn't Want to be Tragic

Old Wang Doesn’t Want to be Tragic [OWDWT]

The Alternate Name : 老王不想凉[重生]
Author: Taoli Shengge
Genre: modern, reborn protoagnist, bl(yaoi)
Total chapters: 183 Chapters
Translator: greenApple


Only after Wang Zhao Mou’s death did he find out that he was just a supporting male character in a Mary Su book. 

Wang’s group, which he had worked hard for more than twenty years, went bankrupt overnight. Only because of the one sentence that the male protagonist said, “It’s getting cold. It’s time to let the Wang Group go bankrupt”.


When Wang Zhao Mou woke up again, he found that he had returned to twenty years ago. He was half-drunk and was in a depressing mood. When he came out of the bar, he saw a young man holding a knife standing on the road.

While he was drunk, a strong desire to survive suddenly broke out. Wang Zhao Mou didn’t care about others and directly went to hug the teenager’s long legs, and cried out, “Boss! No…Acquisition…”

After sobering up, Wang Zhao Mou found out that the handsome teenager whose thighs he wrongly held was wearing an apron and holding a big knife to diligently open the durian.

The young man was clearly homeless and had yet to recognize his ancestors and inherited the family business! 

At this moment, the young President Leng was being carried by his father behind his back, wiping tears pitifully and reaching out to him for help. 

Looking at President Leng’s father’s red ears and dodging eyes, Wang Zhao Mou showed a perfect smile. Meanwhile, looking at the tearful child, he was happily thinking, “Boy…You also have today!”

{Chapters are split in Translation.}

Table of Content

Chapter-1 | Chapter-2
Chapter-3 | Chapter-4
Chapter-5 | Chapter-6
Chapter-7 | Chapter-8
Chapter-9 | Chapter-10
Chapter-11 | Chapter-12
Chapter-13 | Chapter-14
Chapter-13 | Chapter-14
Chapter-15 | Chapter-16

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