OEBSS: Chapter-9


Qian Wen Jie was too young to understand the inspection report, so he could only ask, “Is he badly injured?!”

“Yes. It is serious.” Shao Xian sighed and looked at Qian Wen Jie, who was staring at him in amazement.

Shao Xian couldn’t help but ask, “What?”

“Just now, you sighed just like my dad.” Qian Wen Jie sincerely answered.

Shao Xian gave him a blank look and stopped chatting with him, and seriously looked at the exposed arm of Chen Bai Zhou.

There were many faint round scars on the child’s arm, mainly burnt by cigarette butts. The scars looked many years old.

Those scars could gradually fade over time, but the trauma left behind by those scars in the heart would only become more and more eroded and rotten over time.

It was really a serious problem.

Most of the people in the business circle were jealous of Fu Bai Zhou’s business talent, but at the same time, they would also gloat at Fu Bai Zhou for visiting a psychiatrist once a month.

Fu Bai Zhou was really sick.

Shao Xian’s gaze fell on the child’s face, and suddenly, the child also opened his less injured right eye. 

The two stared at each other for a few seconds.

After staring for a few seconds, Shao Xian showed a kind smile and asked, “Are you hungry?! You can have plain porridge later.”

Chen Bai Zhou stared at Shao Xian quietly for a while, as if some kind of seed fell on his dying heart and slowly took root and germinated.

When Wang Shu Fen came back to the ward with Cai Ya Lan, she saw her stupid child was busy chatting and asking questions to the others.

The injured child on the bed was just sitting there and listening to him quietly.

“Little bastard, why are you saying so much nonsense?! Let Xiao Zhou rest!”

Wang Shu Fen was a hard-mouthed and soft-hearted person. Seeing Chen Bai Zhou’s injuries and scars, she felt a little distressed for the child.

“Mom! Mom, why didn’t Aunt Chen come with you?!”

This kid always knew how to ask the wrong question at the wrong time!

Wang Shu Fen didn’t want to hurt Chen Bai Zhou’s feelings, so she tried to speak tactfully, “Aunt Chen has an urgent matter at home to deal with, so she can’t come here with us.”

In fact, they know the real reason why Bai Mei Juan didn’t come here because she didn’t dare to make Chen Yu angry. 

If Chen Yu complained about her to Chen Chang Jian, then she wouldn’t have had such a good life to live.

“Xiao Zhou…” Cai Ya Lan opened the heat preservation box and scooped up a big bowl of lean meat porridge and said, “Now get up and finish it.”

Looking at the bowl, Chen Bai Zhou felt flattered. He hurriedly sat up making the infusion needle almost come out of his hand.

Fortunately, Shao Xian saw it and quickly pressed Chen Bai Zhou’s hand on time.

“You can lie down, I will lift the bed.”

Lift the bed?!

Chen Bai Zhou didn’t understand what Shao Xian was saying but he still obediently lay down.

Shao Xian walked near the end of the bed, bent down, and moved the steering handles present. And the head of the bed slowly rose.

Seeing the actual action, Qian Wen Jie looked at Shao Xian with admiration and said, “Shao Xian, you know a lot of things!!”

Wang Shu Fen also boasted of Shao Xian’s intelligence and said, “Second Young Master Shen is truly sensible. Wen Jie, you should learn more.”

Cai Ya Lan modestly replied, “He is generally very naughty and spends all day long making noises. But nowadays he has gotten a little more sensible.”

While speaking, Cai Ya Lan scooped a spoonful of porridge and cooled it, and then fed it to Chen Bai Zhou’s mouth.

Chen Bai Zhou, who had been hungry for two days when smelled the fragrant meat porridge, couldn’t help but swallow the spoonful porridge before he could manage to whisper, “Thank you…Auntie.”

Then he swallowed the rest of the porridge carefully.

“Mom, come on and rest. You must be tired from running back and forth. Let me help.” Shao Xian carefully took the bowl and seriously told Cai Ya Lan to rest.

Seeing her child being so sensible, Cai Ya Lan felt distressed and relieved at the same time. 

Her son had grown up!

“Well…take care of your new friend yourself. Okay!” 

Cai Ya Lan had always been full of maternal love for the children, and she naturally agreed with Shao Xian’s careful approach today.

Her son had always been sensible, but he never had any close friends. Now that her son had taken the initiative to help others, and be friends with them, of course as his mother, she fully supports him.

Shao Xian simply sat on the edge of the bed and slowly handed over the spoonfuls of porridge to Chen Bai Zhou. 

Every time Chen Bai Zhou took a sip, he would gently say thank you to Shao Xian in his heart.

The bowl of lean meat porridge was quickly finished.

Shao Xian looked at the child and asked, “Want another bowl?”

Chen Bai Zhou instantly shook his head.

Although Chen Bai Zhou’s right eye was swollen and ugly, there was still a bright light of gratitude in it.

He had never felt so full and warm before.


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11 months ago

(´;︵;`) Bai Zhou needs all the pampering! Thank you for the translation ❤️ I look forward to reading him get better care (and maybe some vengence). Shao Xian is a sweetie and Qian Wen Jie is adorable.